Asclepius Countermark on Nero AE from Akmoneia, Phrygia

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    Just got this new countermark I wanted to share. A small AE from Akmoneia, Phrygia issued for Nero by a husband and wife Archon team, strangely enough (seems unusual to me anyway) with an Asclepius countermark. What a lot of Greek writing for such a tiny flan! There were three or so variations of this type of host coin - I think I have the right one, but corrections always welcome.

    This is not a particularly scarce countermark - Howgego noted 12 and I found seven or so in an acsearch and a few more on vcoins. Apparently there was a shrine to Asclepius in Akmoneia, thus the countermark, supposedly.

    All the examples I saw were carefully applied along the outside edge so as not to obliterate the emperor's face. So I am guessing this was countermarked during Nero's lifetime. Galba supporters would've whacked him on the nose.

    Here is an example from the "Automan" collection on FORVM;

    CM - Nero Phrygia w Asclep CM Nov 2019 (0).jpg

    CM - Nero Phrygia w Asclep CM Nov 2019 (0det).jpg

    Nero Æ 19
    Lucius Servenius Capito,
    Archon & wife, Julia Severa
    Akmoneia, Phrygia
    (c. 65 A.D.)

    [NEPΩN] KAICAP CEBACTOC laureate head right / CEPOYHNIOY KAΠITΩNOC KAI IOYΛIAΣ CEO]YHPAC / AKMONEΩN / Zeus seated left, [owl standing left], EΠI APX [TO Γ] in monograms.
    RPC 3176. (3.80 grams / 19 mm)

    Countermark (Obverse): Asklepios standing, holding serpent-encircled staff, in
    rectangular punch, 4.5 x 9 mm.
    Howgego 241 (12 pcs).

    Any other Nero countermarks out there? Or just any new finds - I like looking at them.
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    Seriously cool coin.
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