Are these great deals or not?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by 1953, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. 1953

    1953 Active Member

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  3. gronnh20

    gronnh20 Well-Known Member

    no. Stay away from that place. My eyes are burning from looking.
  4. 1953

    1953 Active Member

  5. FarmerBill

    FarmerBill Member

    What deals!!!! I filled up my cart.
  6. Inspector43

    Inspector43 72 Year Collector

    I should give them my address so they can replenish their stock from my accumulation of junk. I'll give them any pieces for only 30%.
  7. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector

    Yes, they ARE great deals ... for the seller.
  8. Ericred

    Ericred Active Member

  9. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    I think everything on the page wouldn't add up to being worth $50.
  10. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Well-Known Member

    People actually have these in their carts. :eek:
  11. Nathan401

    Nathan401 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Supporter

  12. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Well-Known Member

  13. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    My Granny.........what big hopes you have......
  14. Mike185

    Mike185 Well-Known Member

    It pretty sad if you really think about it! There’s people that buy that junk and find out it actually junk later on. I’ve have seen good stuff on Etsy (not coin related) for good prices but when you have advantage to take advantage of someone it not right at all!!
  15. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Well-Known Member

    I think I'll make an Etsy and take advantage of uninformed people with lots of money.

    Something like that? [​IMG]
  16. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    Yes but notice he has been on Etsy since 2019 and hasn't meade any sales. I think people are putting them in their carts just to get his hopes up. They have no intention of actually buying them.
  17. Corn Man

    Corn Man Active Member

    Its a good deal if you like getting scammed and sold chinese fakes
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  18. White Ger. Shep. Lover

    White Ger. Shep. Lover Active Member

    If you can't trust Granny, then who can you trust? Count me in.
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  19. sambyrd44

    sambyrd44 Well-Known Member

    The listing says old and rare it has to be worth a gazillion. Granny might be off her meds the walker for 35k a great deal. :)
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  20. xCoin-Hoarder'92x

    xCoin-Hoarder'92x Well-Known Member

    I'll sometimes see a listing claim "low mintage", and it'll have somewhere over 10,000,000 minted. Anything under 100k would be uncommon range. Under special exceptions maybe 500k-1M if there doesn't happen to be many examples.
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  21. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & odd Moderator

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