Are there artist initials on this coin?

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by RLGluvcoins, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. RLGluvcoins

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    15966576151718782364149080928478.jpg 15966576553906821506937641553047.jpg 15966576899247645950315327384489.jpg I am half blind now even with a magnifying glass. I bought one off of couch collectables cost over 90.00 when all was said and done and a month later didnt work anymore because where u charge it came off motherboard and no way to pop back off and fix it. I'm gun shy on what to get so I can see my coins and I won't get rid of any because I'm worried I'll spend something good. Thanks for taking time to help me.
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  3. paddyman98

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    Your Cent looks like it has a bit of corrosion to both sides. Maybe the designer's initial was worn away. It could of been a worn die strike also. It looks like a Floating Roof and missing FG on the Reverse side due to an Abraded or Over-polished Die. 1969 Cents are known for the floating roof. Nice find.

    @cpm9ball.. Abraded ;)
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  4. Collecting Nut

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  5. Bluntflame

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  6. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Yay ty. Do you realize this is first time you were able to say nice find to my questions giggle. No bubble burst.✌️
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  7. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Thanks a little positive news right now sure hit the spot.
  8. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I am not sure who to ask, is there any coin shows going on end of month near Orlando or in next couple months within a couple hundred miles of West Virginia ohio area any direction
  9. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Not sure but if you googled a zip code with coin shows something should show up.
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  10. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Has anyone been to the shows in Canton Ohio?
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  11. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    Too far for me.
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  12. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Ok last question on here where is a good place to find out about serial numbers on bills? Is there a good forum on this site or should I find one that specializes on paper?
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  13. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    Cool Serial
    Here is there Fancy Serial Numbers information

    Only the Fancy Serial numbers are collectable.
    On ebay sellers list garbage known as almost fancy serial numbers with ridiculous prices when they should only be worth face value!

    Here are examples from my collection

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  14. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Thank you, I did the serial number checker last week and the pics show what said for each one. I do not want to cheat anyone never have don't plan on starting now which is why I ask so many questions. I only ask on this site because I don't really trust anyone but for some reason I do trust what Im told on here by a handful of you. Here are pics.
    Now the 666 one I figure will be a special buy not so much special. Do people spend money having them graded and put in plastic ?
    Screenshot_20200809-081703.png 15969756836445681882466639292550.jpg Screenshot_20200809-082300.png 15969758038546123570389847688369.jpg Screenshot_20200809-082457.png 1596975925377341886493830019469.jpg
    Screenshot_20200809-082903.png 15969761746304590854409711958126.jpg
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  15. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q Well-Known Member

    Wow great show thanks to all of you...
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  16. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    @RLGluvcoins as for your 1969D cent. Why would you care about this coin? It is worth one cent in the current condition.
    And as for the notes, you should start a post in Paper Money forum, but as a collector of currency, I would spend those notes, except the star $20, if it's in pristine shape, I would keep. Someone might pay a slight premium for the 666 serial number if they collected those.
  17. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Oooooooooooo... just make sure to meet them in a church... :)
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  18. Wintry Mix

    Wintry Mix New Member

    Your currency collection is very interesting. I like the different criteria that people use to collect. Nicely done.
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  19. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Ty ✌️
  20. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    Yes I did mention that about the 666 bill.
    The reason I didnt post on paper money, yet, is because I trust the people who responded to my post when I first posted, they respond on almost all of my posts and know my background. I trust their opinion because as of present they have yet to steer me wrong and I wanted to see if @paddyman98 or @Collecting Nut had any advice.
    I don't think there are any stupid questions. Though I am finding there are stupid responses.
    Thanks for the paper money advice of where to post. As for your response on the coin I think I will stick with the others response. Though everyone has their own opinion and I did put my question out there publicly so you are allowed your opinion, I feel given rather rash, no matter how you word it.
    Oh and yes my star note is in pristine condition. I think I will hang on to all of them. I will try to get to a show soon. I'm not trying to get rich off this just trying to see what to hold onto and what to sell to help pay for my bucket list adventures before my nurses tell me I can't go far away from home any longer. I'm already on hospice so my time is very precious and I want to enjoy as much as I can with the time I have left. I also don't want to leave a bunch of nonsense to my grandson.
    Have a glorious day.
  21. RLGluvcoins

    RLGluvcoins Active Member

    I want to thank those who helped me on here without judgement. Hope y'all have a wonderful rest of your summer and hopefully I might meet a couple of ya at a show one day.
    Looking forward to your opinions on my next post. Won't be gone so long next time.
    Much love and respect thanks.
    @paddyman98, @Collecting Nut
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