AR Horse & Rider & A Kneeling Goat Stater

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Mat, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Here is a new Greek Stater I acquired.

    This one presented itself during my usual new listings check up & I ended up buying it not too long after it was listed. I thought it was always a pretty cool and underrated type.

    Kelenderis, Cilicia, (440 - 400 B.C.)
    AR Stater
    O: Young man riding sideways on horse galloping left, nude, preparing to dismount, bridle in left hand on near side of horse, whip in left hand, A below before hind legs.
    R: Goat crouching left on solid exergue line, head turned looking back right, KEΛEN over ivy spray with leaf and berries, all in a shallow round incuse.
    Kelenderis (Aydincik, Turkey) mint
    Celenderis Hoard 3 (O15/R15); SNG BnF 46; cf. BMC Cilicia p. 52, 10 (KEΛ); SNGvA 5617 (KEΛEN)

    Ex. Numismatik Naumann Auction 77 (5 May 2019), lot 304.
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  3. dadams

    dadams Well-Known Member

    Nice coin @Mat - there is a lot of action going on which makes it interesting to me.
  4. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    Nice looking goat, Mat.

    I've scooped up a few AE goats over the past year or so and they are becoming on of my favorite types. Here's my latest (the pale green stuff is hard, which is to say not BD, I think):
    Macedon - Thessalonika goat AE NC Lot 2020 (0).jpg

    Macedon, Thessalonica Æ19
    (c. 187 - 31 B.C.)
    Thessalonica mint

    Head of young Dionysos right, wreathed in ivy / [Θ]EΣΣA-[ΛO NI]-KH-Σ above and beneath goat standing right, monograms above and right
    cf. BMC 10-18; SNG ANS 764-9
    (8.08 grams / 19 mm)
  5. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    A nice bronze, Mike.
  6. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    Now I have goat fever (er, not to be confused with COVID-19, I hope). Two more, from Macedon:

    Goats kneeling (or "recumbent"):

    Macedon - Philip V goats Aug 2019 (0).jpg

    Macedonia Kingdom Æ 21 Tetrachalkon
    Philip V
    (c. 221-179 B.C.)
    Uncertain Macedonia mint

    Head of Herakles right, wearing lionskin / Two goats recumbent r.; BA above, Φ below, crescent & grain ear lower right field.
    Mamroth b14c; SNG AB 1090.
    (8.45 grams / 20 x 21 mm)

    Macedon - Zeus & Goats Oct 2019x a (0).jpg
    Amphipolis, Macedonia Æ19
    under Philip V to Perseus
    (c. 187-168 B.C.)

    Diademed head of Artemis Tauropoulos (or Apollo) right / AMΦ-IΠO-ΛI-TΩ-N across fields, two goats standing on hind legs, fighting, monograms ΦΕ left and ΓA right.
    SNG ANS 114-117; SG 1394.
    (7.56 grams / 19 mm)
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  7. Co1ns

    Co1ns Active Member

    Hmmm it's an awfully large goat, noticeably bulkier than the horse. Are we sure?

    Edit: Ahhh after looking at other examples of this coin and extant bovine creatures of Turkey, I believe I have found the culprit; Capra aegagrus aka the wild goat:



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  8. nicholasz219

    nicholasz219 Well-Known Member

    My wife loves goats and I guess it has rubbed off.


    Aiolis, Aigai, AE10, Head of Goat, NO LEGEND
    Aiolis, Aigai
    2nd Century BC
    10.0mm 1.00gr 0h
    O: NO LEGEND; Laureate head of Apollo, right.
    R: NO LEGEND; Head of goat, right.
    SNG Cop 4; BMC 6-8; Sear 4166.
    Mark Reid/The Time Machine


    Aiolis, Aigai, AE14, ΑΙΓΑΙΕΩΝ
    Aiolis, Aigai
    2nd - 1st Century BC
    14.0mm 2.20gr 0h
    O: NO LEGEND; Head of Hermes, right, wearing petasos.
    R: ΑΙΓΑΙΕΩΝ; Forepart of goat, right.
    Exergue: Monogram: HVP ΠΑφ ?
    SNG Cop 14
    Mark Reid/The Time Machine

    The reverse reminds me of this coin from Eritrea.


    Anonymous, Civic Issue, Eritrea, Euboia, AE17, ΕΥΒΟΙΕΩΝ
    Civic Issue
    194 - 180BC
    17.0mm 4.50gr 1h
    O: NO LEGEND; Veiled head of Isis (?), right.
    R: ΕΥΒΟΙ-ΕΩΝ (second half of legend in exergue); Bull, butting head, right.
    Eretria, Euboia Mint
    BMC 8, p. 98, 40; Wallace pl. XV, 9; Sear 2477.
  9. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    Those Aigai of nicholasz219's reminded me that I have a countermarked goat from that place (the countermark is faint - it is a lyre stamped over Apollo's ear):

    CM - Lyre on Aeolis Agaia AE Apr 2020 (0).jpg

    Aigai, Aeolis Æ 16
    (2nd-1st Century B.C.)

    Laureate head of Apollo right / [AIΓEΩN], goat standing right.
    Sear 4168; BMC 17.96, 10-11; SNG von Aulock 1596
    (3.74 grams / 16 mm)
    Lyre in 5 x 4 mm oval, obverse. (No attribution for CM found.)
  10. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    That is just a TOO-COOL Stater, @Mat ! Great coin!

    This is from @Bing , and I really like it. One of my favorites.

    480-470 BCE
    AR Obol
    0.79g 11mm
    Quadripartite incuse square
    AMNG III 14
    Ex: JW Collection
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  11. randygeki

    randygeki Coin Collector

    Another neat silver!
  12. PeteB

    PeteB Well-Known Member

    CILICIA, Kelenderis. Circa 410-375 BC. AR Stater (9.5 gm, 1h, 21mm). Obv: Nude youth, holding whip, dismounting from horse rearing r. Rev: KE, Goat kneeling l., head right. SNG Levante -; SNG Paris 75 var.
  13. PeteB

    PeteB Well-Known Member

    A teeny weeny Kelenderis:
    CILICIA, Kelenderis. Circa 425-400 BC. AR Obol (11mm, 0.7 gm, 5h). Obv: Horse prancing right. Rev: Goat kneeling left, head reverted. KE above goat. SNG Levante 29; SNG France 116; SNG von Aulock 5643.
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