Anything can happen Tuesday...turns into..... Happy......

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Paddy54, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Variety Collector

    Shews-day !

    Good Day my friends....please join in with me today in honoring Shews 1994 1 year anniversary.!!!

    Please post your favorite coin,medal, or other item as such in honor of Rebecca.
    We have some really great YN 's here....who give us old.... 's ''fill in the blank..." the hope that our hobby will continue on for a long time to come.
    This young lady has trully put her heart ♡ and soul into collecting.
    She has made alot of friends as well shown us all that matter if life give you Lemmons you turn it around, and just make Lemmon ade.
    @Shews1994 you have taught us all a lifes lesson.....never give up and to shedd the negative vibes in life and put a positive outlook no matter what life throws at us.
    Thank you and BTW Happy Shews-day! downloadfile-47_1.jpeg downloadfile-56.jpeg
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  3. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    Cool thread.
  4. flyers10

    flyers10 Collector of US Coinage

    869603_Full_Obv.jpg Happy Anniversary at @Shrews1994 . Such a valuable member to this coin forum. You said you like the Morgans so here is picture of one for ya!
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  5. Shrews1994

    Shrews1994 Collecting is my passion.

    These are beautiful!!!:woot:
  6. Shrews1994

    Shrews1994 Collecting is my passion.

    Thank y'all so much y'all are such great people God bless ya'll. Y'all make me feel like I am someone. Good hearted people. I'll post one of my favorite coins in a little bit. I'm having a cup of coffee waking up lol
  7. Tlberg

    Tlberg Well-Known Member

    20190611_081810-1.jpg I don't have a morgan to share but there's this :) 20190611_081757-1.jpg
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  8. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER


    Before I sold my collection of Morgan dollars, this was one of my favorite "toners". I called it my "Blue Lagoon".:happy:


  9. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    In honor of Shrews... I offer the loveliest lady that I own.

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  10. Seattlite86

    Seattlite86 Outspoken Member

    In honor of Shrews, my favorite coin that I have purchased. This doppeltaler pays homage to the Teutonic Knights who fought to protect Christian/Catholic pilgrims during the Crusades.

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  11. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    BF8B6663-83C8-4E0E-B028-56D4918597C3.jpeg 564988B1-7C4F-4A2C-9259-DB8B1A353326.jpeg FF2BADFA-99F3-46AD-B12D-D7FACCE6C884.jpeg 5316CC2F-594E-448F-9963-04906BCD3469.jpeg A couple lovely ladies in honor of one
  12. ken454

    ken454 Well-Known Member

  13. dwhiz

    dwhiz Collector Supporter

  14. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    Happy Anniversary Shews, here's a marquee piece in my collection in honor of you!
  15. Shrews1994

    Shrews1994 Collecting is my passion.

    My best looking morgan. 3160.jpeg 3161.jpeg
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  16. Omegaraptor

    Omegaraptor Gobrecht / Longacre Enthusiast

    22175354-CF32-461B-8C9D-E11DB504E5B8.jpeg 94AB627E-315F-468A-B014-FF9C5E2CFA0A.jpeg

    I’ll get the Morgans later
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  17. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

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  18. Wal888

    Wal888 Well-Known Member

    Very nice Morgan Shrews. In honor of you I'll post one of my Morgans (not so good like your), but only after I go back to my home at night.:happy:
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  19. Shrews1994

    Shrews1994 Collecting is my passion.

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  20. Shrews1994

    Shrews1994 Collecting is my passion.

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  21. furham

    furham Good Ole Boy

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