anyone know the value? Penny off center

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Clay77, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Clay77

    Clay77 New Member

    It 60% off center 1985


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  3. jody526

    jody526 New Member

    Full-date, uncirculated Lincoln Memorial cents, that are struck as muck as 50% off-center, are selling in the $5-$10 range on eBay.

    That should give you a ball-park figure.
  4. Clay77

    Clay77 New Member

    Thank you. I just bought it yesterday at the fleamarket was worth $35!
    I can't believe too much. Maybe next time I better do more careful. lol.

    I also found some this penny 1972. I wasn't sure if it was error or not.
    It look like same as on the 1942 steel penny.
    What do you think?

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  5. jody526

    jody526 New Member

    Hi Clay,

    It looks like a plated coin.
    In other words a coin that has been coated with a different metal. This is a common jr. high school science class experiment.
    I have a 1972 steele-plated cent here somewhere. It actually sticks to a magnet.

    There are, of course cents that have been struck on a dime planchet. These can be identified by looking at the edge. If you can see the three layeres of a typical sandwitch coin, then you know you have an error.
  6. CohibaCris

    CohibaCris New Member

    Clay, do you have a Red Book? This might help you identify some of the coins that ought to be out in the marketplace.

    For example, 43 was the year they made steel cents. Outside of that year, it is lottery chances that you will find a coin with the cupro-nickel sandwich used in our coinage today.

    Hope it helps. You might also check out the Cherrypickers Guide.
  7. Clay77

    Clay77 New Member

    Yes I have Red book. Sometime I couldn't find it on this date 1972 Penny steel.
    There new Red book 2005 upcoming soon July!
    Thank you for help.
  8. CohibaCris

    CohibaCris New Member

    My rule of thumb is that if there isn't a listing of a particular metal content coin, it is wise to buy in a holder from established coin grading services or be suspicious.
  9. Clay77

    Clay77 New Member

    Yea I try with magnet it didn't work. So I looked for three layers, it didn't have. Then I used scratch it with knife, lol
    I found out it is not real steel, it narmol like Penny. Someone used sliver painted!!! it very hard to peel off.

    Thank you
  10. jody526

    jody526 New Member

    Yes, coins can be plated, coated, or painted with any number of metals. (not just steele)

    Of our two most frequently asked question, the one about the two headed quarter, and the one about the "silver penny" have to be at the head of the list.
  11. laz

    laz New Member

    Your 1972 Cent is altered,as there are only a few alternatives. It could be on a wrong planchet but it doesn't really look like this is the case. I'd bet it's plated as has been suggested. After 1982 when the new Copper plated planchets came into use,we get Cents sometimes that slip by without plating. Since this is 10 years prior, it's solid,and not plated. I've gotten many similr pieces over the years in change,one was even Chromed!! You just never know what will turn up in change! Back in the 1950's kids would rub Silver Mercury on Cent's, turning them 'white', which wasn't a very healthy experiment. I strongly recommend 'buying the book' before buying the coin. The book I refer to is "The Error Coin Encyclopedia" by Arnie Margolis & Fred Weinberg. which can be found in most coin shops & on the internet. Another good book is The Official Price Guide to Mint Errors by Alan Herbert. Both of these references will help make your next coin purchases more pleasent. :cool: ~ Jim

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