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    I bought a box of coins and medals a couple of years ago and this medal was in it. I guess I didn't look at it very closely as I thought it was just a 1 ounce medal, nothing more. I rediscovered it and saw that it is "1 of 50" so that makes it pretty rare. Anybody seen or had one of them? I'm trying find out more about it. Thanks, Mike DSC03882.JPG
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    Google it. ;)

    Don't bother. Probably issued to dignitaries at the ceremony. Someone here will know and I'll bet hundreds of us would like to own it!
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  4. cpm9ball

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    That is really nice. You are lucky to have it.
  5. fretboard

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    wow.gif Very impressive, 1 of 50! If it doesn't say anything about silver, I would have it tested!
  6. mrweaseluv

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    strangly, I have seen one before this but don't remember where...
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