Anyone Bidding in the Frank Robinson auction?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ancient coin hunter, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Nathan401

    Nathan401 Working like crazy to pay for the lazy Supporter

    I haven't even paid yet. My invoice arrived with the coin. This is a first for me, receiving a coin BEFORE I've paid!!
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  3. Ken Dorney

    Ken Dorney Yea, I'm Cool That Way...

    Well, as I said before, Frank is 'old school'. He will ask payment after he ships. Nice concept as 99% of his customers are 'old school' (including me) But in this day and age very few will ship without payment, and I dont begrudge them that.
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  4. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Redditor Lucis Aeternae

    Wow, lots of folks didn't pay apparently, that really sucks!
  5. Smojo

    Smojo dreamliner

    Not sure how you stay in business that way, anything over $50 trust goes out the window.
    I don't expect mine to be delivered so quickly.
    I had read mentioned here on CT he preffered checks over card, then read same on his sight. So I figure to each their own and oblige with them, I mailed it within hours of recieving invoice/email though.
  6. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Just got my "Informed Delivery" email from the PO, looks like my Diadumenian Denarius will be here today.:D:D:woot:
  7. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Redditor Lucis Aeternae

    I just got my four coins in the mail today....they are:

    Elagabalus AR Tet of Antioch, cool...
    Maximinus Thrax AR Denarius, Fides Militum type
    Vetranio AE2, Concordia Militum with chi-rhos on two labarum
    Magnus Maximus AE 2, Reparatio Reipub type, emperor raising kneeling woman

    All are unattributed so the work begins!
    Followed by some "hey, look what I just got posts"

    So let us know what you got!
  8. Roma

    Roma Member

    I was checking Frank Robinson last mail auction. I spotted a fake in the part 4. It is a the Flavius Victor AE4. Someone in confidence with a Frank may inform him?
    It is a well known fake reported on FAC also.
  9. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    I think you're looking at his current mail bid sale. Lot 427 does match the Flavius Victor campgate fakes in FAC's database :(

    Thanks for the heads-up. I emailed him.

    Edited to add that he is of course withdrawing the coin.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  10. Johnnie Black

    Johnnie Black Neither Gentleman Nor Scholar Supporter

    I’m excited to see what everyone receives from the auction. Next time I think I’ll have to place a bid or two.
  11. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Redditor Lucis Aeternae

    I received the lot list for the next auction closing Tuesday March 27, also by email from Frank, 550 items.
  12. The first thing I notice on his list.

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  13. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Redditor Lucis Aeternae

    That's incredible!!!
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  14. Nathan401

    Nathan401 Working like crazy to pay for the lazy Supporter

    That's funny. I also enjoy some of his comedic descriptions.
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  15. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    He really does have a great sense of humor. One of these days I'm going to order that book of his. I've heard it's fun.
  16. Severus Alexander

    Severus Alexander Blame my mother. Supporter

    It is!
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  17. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    He has more than one book. Confessions of a Numismatic Fanatic is great but so very dated since it came out when the Internet was in diapers and advice on how to function in the hobby were very 'last millennium'. It is still fun.

    Frank is a retired Judge from New York state and has many opinions not everyone will appreciate. He has met too many politicians and it shows in some of his writings. As far as his deadbeats list goes, he remembers when the hobby assumed a certain degree of honor and expectation that all would pay the bills the incur. Today we have more people who bid first and decide later if they will honor those bids.
  18. Orfew

    Orfew Supporter! Supporter

    I agree with the above Confessions of a Numismatic Fanatic is an excellent read.
  19. Nathan401

    Nathan401 Working like crazy to pay for the lazy Supporter

    Thanks guys!! I just ordered a copy from Amazon.
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  20. Ed Snible

    Ed Snible Well-Known Member

    I posted a lot (not here) when I started collecting because I was full of questions. I would like to see more threads started to answer a question or promote speculation on minute topics that would only interest us.

    I do like the show and tell threads, a lot. Otherwise I would only get to show my coins at my club once a month. I wish I could find a forum for show and tell of my historical medals.
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  21. Smojo

    Smojo dreamliner

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