Anybody familiar with MA-shops?

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Patrick1, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. 1934 Wreath Crown

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    I visit the site very occasionally and as mentioned earlier in this thread, I would only buy something I desperately want and which is not available elsewhere. Much of the stuff is graded and slabbed and that is fine but their prices are approximately 20-30% higher at best.....and sometimes many times more than I've paid for the same coin elsewhere.

    Of course, I mainly collect sovereigns and GB crowns or large foreign silver so perhaps my observations apply only to some specific dealers!!
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  3. mkivtt

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    Just to add something that I've learned lately from German coin auction descriptions (e.g. Kuenker):

    R = rare
    RR = very rare
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  4. ffrickey

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    MA-Shops is a sister site to MuenzAuktion (, where dealers and others auction off coins ala ebay. I can believe their prices to ship to the US are high, as are American dealers' prices to ship to Germany (typically $17). MA-Shops is for me a very useful reference; I know I don't have to offer more than the MA-Shop price in an auction. In my experience the prices tend to be on the high side, but one can find an occasional bargain. I like to watch MuenzAuktion for potential bargains, but there you do have to scroll through oodles of bog-standard coins, especially "old German", i.e. pre-1871 small change. I have frequently bought from MuenzAuktion and occasionally from MA-Shops, and have never had any problem. But of course, when it comes to coin grades, look closely at the pictures. In my experience, most coin dealers routinely assign grades on the high side. One exception, Dr. Busso Peus, a Frankfurt dealer and auction house who sells both in MA-Shops ( and MuenzAuktion, and, in my opinion, generally grades conservatively. But always remember: caveat emptor.
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