Any takers before I buy this beauty?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by gbroke, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    I wouldn't want to steal this without giving someone else the chance.
    I'm really after the two "very rare" circulated 1965 quarters.

    I never post these kind of things, but sometimes I feel like I just have to. ;)
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  3. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Man, that red one sure is a rare "quater"!
  4. mrweaseluv

    mrweaseluv Supporter! Supporter

    sorry I prefer green :D
  5. fusiafinch

    fusiafinch Member

    Well, let's see if anyone bites for the 29 bucks. What happened to that coin?
    It's unbelievable to see some of these outrageous listings.
  6. silentnviolent

    silentnviolent accumulator--selling--make an offer I can't refuse

    wow.... I AM "dazzled"
  7. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    I might go for it if he repaints it.
  8. SilverMind

    SilverMind New Member

    My my, I can't believe he's throwing in two real 1965 quarters!! What are they valued at nowadays? $.25!!! For free!!!

    Lol funny listing.
  9. Ten

    Ten Member


    ...that will hopefully eliminate some of the competition.
  10. ziggy9


    What happened to that coin is it was colored that way to be used in the juke box at a bar. The juke box would be leased from an outside company that would get a percentage of the profits. If the proprietor wanted to give someone a "free play" he would use a colored quarter. When settling up with the vendor the colored quarters would be removed before tallying the cut so that the bar wouldn't lose a percentage on their own money.
  11. gbroke

    gbroke Naturally Toned

    That is some great information. I learn something every day. Thank you!
  12. quartertapper

    quartertapper Numismatist

    Interesting tidbit. Thank you!
  13. omahaorange

    omahaorange Active Member

    Just to expand on that, one of the EMS stations I was assigned to was just down the road from a car wash. The owner of that business told us to get a roll of quarters, and paint them red. Use the painted ones in the car wash. When he emptied the boxes, he'd return the red quarters to us, so essentially we got "life-time" ambulance washes for a total investment of $10. Quite a few business do this.
  14. MorganDollarTJ

    MorganDollarTJ Senior Member YN

    HA. man i don't think i have EVER seen one of those 1965 quarters!!! those MUST be rare! and i have never seen a can of red paint or a 1997 quarter either! WOW i think i am going to buy that right now! that is a priceless quarter! totally worth the $25! NOT ! Gotta love Fleabay.. :p
  15. Jo Money

    Jo Money Junior Senior Member

    I should buy this. The price is great for such a rare coin, and it'll go great with my blue quarter!
  16. Rassi

    Rassi #GoCubs #FlyTheW #WeAreGood

    I wrote to the seller and asked:

    And the seller wrote back:

    bummer....guess I won't be bidding. I was only interested if it was sky blue.
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