Any idea of value.

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by Lee Gilmore, Jul 6, 2022.

  1. Lee Gilmore

    Lee Gilmore Member

    Does anybody know roughly what this is worth. Can't seem to find any sold prices online 1729 brunswick luneburg George ii third thaler. IMG_20220706_094139.jpg IMG_20220706_094226.jpg
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  3. Chris B

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    1/3 thalers will be a little more difficult to find auction records on than full thalers. has a decent world coin value guide but use as a reference only. Here is what they show for your coin:

    Screenshot 2022-07-06 065713.jpg

    I use for world coin auction records. There is only 1 record for your coin

    Yours is nicer but this one sold for $55.

    Obviously, it is not the same coin as yours, just the same type.

    The problem is, unless it is a major rarity, the big auction houses are going to focus on thalers and better (in their opinion) coins. On coins like this provenance is usually only know if the information comes with the coin. I have many coins like these, but few have provenance.
  4. Lee Gilmore

    Lee Gilmore Member

    Was sold by glendining and co auctions which was bought by Bonhams in 2005 trying to find the back catalogue with them in. Got a Collection of 24 obviously by the same vendor
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