SOLD Antony Legion XV Denarius $230 shipped in the US

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    SOLD. Thanks for looking

    A beautifully toned legionary denarius of Antony. I believe it's actually a legion XV struck with a clogged die as you can see the faint outline of a ghostly "V" to the right of the X. Otherwise, great full legends and a couple banker's marks that do not obstruct any of the details.
    Purchased from Zachary Beasley via Vcoins February 2015
    Roman Imperatorial period AR denarius(3.40g, 17mm). Marc Antony, triumvir, 32-31 BC, Patrae(?) mint. Praetorian galley right, with sceptre tied with fillet on prow; above ANT AVG; below, III VIR R P C / Aquila between two standards; below, LEG XV. Border of dots. Crawford 544/30; Sydenham 1235.
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