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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by limmle, Jun 28, 2020.

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    I’ve had this tiny bronze for some time now. I bought it because I’m really interested in late Roman history. After researching more about late Roman bronzes I realise that the chances of an authentic Anthemius bronze are slight so I put mine aside, assuming it is fake. I’ve recently been examining it again and comparing it with known fakes. It seems to be a bit different, being very small and very frail. It’s so thin it’s actually quite fragile. Only a vague impression of a bust on the obverse and no identifiable letters. Anthemius monogram number 2 on the reverse. Does anyone have any opinions on authenticity. upload_2020-6-28_22-8-34.jpeg
    Obverse: Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: Monogram (No. 2), Chi-Rho above; all within wreath. RIC X 2858. About 6mm.

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  3. Finn235

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    Emporium Hamburg has been peddling fake monogram AE4's of rare emperors for years now; is is best to treat all as suspect until proven otherwise. First step of course is to wash the coin in acetone - genuine coins come out unscathed, but fakes will disintegrate because they are actually featureless AE4s covered in some sort of resin to add the details, then coated in artificial patina.
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  4. limmle

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    Thanks for this tip. I’ve seen some of Emporium Hamburg’s Late Roman AE4s and I cant believe some of the prices they’ve gone for without definite authentication given the amount of fakes in circulation. Fortunately I didn’t pay much for mine, I picked it up as an “unidentified Roman coin” from a group of other more common late Romans. I’ve kept it as a curiosity , and on the off chance it might be genuine. I know the chances are against me but it would be good to be more certain.
  5. Brian Bucklan

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    A few years ago a couple of Anthemius monogram types showed up on CNG auctions. They just looked "too nice" to be real and I wrote to them just to let them know why and to be a bit cautious with them. Nothing changed and they were sold at auction. A couple of months later I was curious what they sold for so I just did a quick check and found they had been removed from their database.

    Anyways, here's mine ... is it real, I think it is but who knows. I will say that if someone is trying to fake an Anthemius monogram they would do a heck of a lot better than this.
    Anthemius Monogram 1.jpg
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