Another W quarter from the laundromat

Discussion in 'Coin Roll Hunting' started by 71Avalon, Jan 26, 2024.

  1. 71Avalon

    71Avalon Well-Known Member

    I was taking a break from the laundromat search, but I was in town yesterday and in a spur of the moment I stopped by the laundromat and got $40 worth of quarters. This made it worth it. My fifth W from there.
    IMG_20240126_085018.jpg IMG_20240126_085036.jpg
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  3. derkerlegand

    derkerlegand Well-Known Member

    Well, it is the Washateria!
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  4. Collecting Nut

    Collecting Nut Borderline Hoarder

    You just can’t beat a good laundromat for coin searching. Well done.
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  5. Kevin Mader

    Kevin Mader Fellow Coin Enthusiast Supporter

  6. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 U.S Casual Collector / Error Collector

    Is it worth dealing with the welfare Walmart Mom's and their booger farms? I hope so mister! lol.gif
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  7. masterswimmer

    masterswimmer A Caretaker, can't take it with me

    The W is a keeper, for sure.
    The V75 privy makes it worth something.
    Nice find.
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  8. 71Avalon

    71Avalon Well-Known Member

    Heck yeah lol. So long as I keep finding goodies, I'll put up with just about anything! :)
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  9. Dean 295

    Dean 295 D.O.M.

    I hate my old time laundromat they changed over to cards . Put your money in and you get credit. It's no fun anymore.
  10. Cheech9712

    Cheech9712 Every thing is a guess

    What the hell is that suppose to mean. Welfare moms don’t choose to be on welfare. Mostly cuz the ole man ditched them. It’s hard to raise kids alone
  11. jfreakofkorn

    jfreakofkorn Well-Known Member

    nice snag

    i can not get a break

    i have been doing some serious coin flipping n can not find any of these little suckers anywhere to save my life

    and i have been paying cash lately for almost everything to get a chance to get my hands on some . . .

    again nice score
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