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    I am always on the lookout for mints that produced FTR Galleys that I have missing in my collection. I managed to see this one and had to have it as I had missed out on the previous 3 Antioch galleys that I had chased after. The fact that the officina is unlisted is just a bonus.

    Constans - AE2

    Obv:- D N CONSTA-NS P F AVG, Pearl diademed, draped & cuirassed bust right
    Rev:- FEL TEMP-REPARATIO, Emperor in military dress standing left on galley, holding Phoenix and labarum, Victory sitting at the stern, steering the ship; prow decorated with Trident
    Minted in Antioch; (_ | * //ANH), A.D. 348-350
    Reference:– RIC VIII Antioch 124 corr (* in right field not left as indicated in RIC) var (Unlisted officina, others Rated S)

    5.19g, 23.48mm, 180o

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    Beautifully detailed and artistic!
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