Another enigmatic Italian copper--Gubbio Quattrino, 1745 with St. Ubaldus

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    Just got this Italian copper unattributed. I thought it would be easy to identify because the text is all readable. Nope! I don't see it on Numista at all, and the entries in Krause 1700s are mostly not illustrated. It's undated, so I even have to guess on the correct century. Fortunately, the Papal name is visible, which narrows it down.

    2.1 g, copper, 21 mm (Quattrino size)
    Ob: "BENE XIV.P." with Papal Arms
    St. Usbaldus is the patron saint of Gubbio, I believe. There are several Gubbio undated quattrino types under Benedict XIV. I believe this one may be Gubbio, KM#127: Undated, 1745 Quattrino of Benedict XIV. Reverse is "St. Usbaldus, Standing, mitered, crosier right". A photo to compare would have been nice, but I'm reasonably confident in the ID. None of the other 1700s Papal States quattrini look close.
    Krause has if for $10 in VG, I got this one for $5.
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