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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by maridvnvm, Jun 6, 2020.

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    Here is another coin (in fact obverse die) from the eastern mints of Septimius Severus to which there isn't an entirely satisfactory answer.

    I will start with my newest coin.

    Obv:– IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG COS - (II), Laureate head right
    Rev:- BONI EVINTVS(sic), Fides standing left holding basket of fruit and corn ears
    Minted in Emesa, 194 - 195 A.D.
    Reference:- RIC -, BMCRE - (EVINTVS instead of EVENTVS)

    RI 064un img.jpg

    No there are two strokes under the bust that I read as the II but they are very weak scratches rather than convincing letters. A legend ending COS makes no sense in this series but then again we have other coins ending COS I, CO II, II C etc.

    Are those scratched really there on the doe or are they an artefact of the strike?

    I have seen a few coins from the same obverse die and even own a few.


    The marks are there on these examples too but are equally weak.

    I don't have any answers for the reading of this die but keep my eyes open for it. My newest coin has an odd reverse legend too that I have seen on a Pescennius Niger coin (calling @dougsmit)..... and so the two elements combined with a low enough price made this new coin interesting enough to buy.
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    ..that'll be right down his lane...:)
  4. dougsmit

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    I would have bought the coin for either of its sides. Maybe you are losing interest in Septimius and ready to turn your thousands of coins loose on the market so I have a chance at finding them????
    This was my first Pescennius Niger coin and I have not seen a duplicate of it but I am not the guy dealers contact when they want to sell a PN. I bought it in 1997 from the late Guy Clark.
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