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    This one has a small piece missing (or so it looks), but I liked the portrait enough to acquire it anyway. The A3 is an interesting class that, from what I can tell, exists mainly due to weight differences from A2.

    1025_to_1025_ConstantineVIIIBasilII_Follis_01.png 1025_to_1025_ConstantineVIIIBasilII_Follis_02.png
    Constantine VIII & Basil II (Circa 1025); Æ Anonymous Follis, class A3, Obv: "+EMMA-NOVHA," Facing bust of Christ, left hand holding the book of Gospels, right hand making blessing gesture; Rev: "+IhSUS XRISTUS BASILEU BASILE" in 4 lines; 27mm x 29mm, 10.41g; DOC A2.41, Sommer 40.3.6, Sear 1818
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