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    An auction house for Ancient and Medieval in Canada: finally, eh? Please check out our website, Ancient and Medieval Coins Canada, and register to bid here.

    With an international clientele on the industry's best platform,, and advertising through biddr's newsletter, acsearch, Wildwinds, Numisbids, and Sixbid, we are intending to make a big splash in the Ancient & Medieval coin world.

    We are currently looking for consignments for our Nov. 25th auction.
    The auction is filling up, however, so please contact us soon if you are interested in consigning. (A PM through CoinTalk is fine. Hint: CoinTalk Ancients Board regulars qualify for a special consignment deal. ;))

    We have a 120% price guarantee for consignors: if your coin sells for less than 120% of the start price, we will make up the difference. This allows us to have low starts to please bidders, but gives consignors peace of mind.

    Please give us a try!

    -- Thomas Callaway, aka @Severus Alexander
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