Ancients => Griffin or Gryphon? => either way, I bought myself another one!!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by stevex6, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Sure, it is a bit worn, but I think that the coin has nice feelin' about it ...

    => it called, so I answered!!

    Thrace, Abdera: AE16
    ca. 400-350 BC
    Diameter: 16.2 mm
    Weight: 3.40 grams
    Obverse: Griffin (Gryphon) seated right on club; caduceus right above; ]IΛIΣ[ below; EP before
    Reverse: Head of Apollo right in linear square, ABΔ-HPI-TE-ΩN surrounding.
    Reference: BMC Thrace p75 84; AMNG II 227; cf. SNG Copenhagen 374
    Other: aVF/gVF

    Thrace Abdera Gryphon a.jpg Thrace Abdera Gryphon b.jpg

    ... apparently I bought a few coins last night?
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  3. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    I might as well entice others to join-in and post their Gryphon/Griffin coins, eh?

    Here are a few more of my flyin' herd:

    Cimmerian Bosporus, Pantikapaion AE20
    pan & griffin a.jpg pan & griffin b.jpg

    Ionia Teos AR Drachm
    Ionia Teos Gryphon a.jpg Ionia Teos Gryphon b.jpg

    Kainon Sicily AE22
    griffin & horse a.jpg griffin & horse b.jpg
  4. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Ionia Teos Hemidrachm
    griffin a.jpg griffin b.jpg

    L.Papius AR Denarius
    L Papi a.jpg L Papi b.jpg

    Marcus Aurelius AE Drachma
    Marcus Griffin a.jpg Marcus Griffin b.jpg
  5. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    You have been a busy, busy bee Steve. Nice stuff !!! :p
  6. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Please feel free to post your stuff!!

    ... yup, even you Martin

    => with your 200 grogeous L.Papius Gryphons!!

  7. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Thanks Ripley
  8. Windchild

    Windchild Punic YN, Shahanshah

    Great Coin!

    Gryphon, Griffin and Griffon all work, and are used.
  9. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    What am I gonna do with you Jerry? I go away for a couple of weeks and you go crazy buying coins. You're just like my wife (sorry if I offend anyone by being a Chauvinist), I go away and you go shopping.

    For the record, I think it's a nice coin!
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  10. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem


    Ooops ... my bad, Bing ...

    Yah, I admit that the vino was flowin' pretty fricken good last night as I was wheelin' and dealin' my way through vcoins!! (man, my VISA was still smokin' when I woke-up this mornin'!!)

    => oh well ........ the wife, bro-in-law and myself just finished an awesome round of golf, so life goes on, right!! (life is actually pretty good!!)

    ... I hope that Rome is treating you as well as Manitoba is treatin' me today!! (I'm jealous)

    Cheers, my friend!!
  11. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Ummm, by the way coin-comrades, I'm finding it hard to believe that none of you own a Gryphon/Griffin coin!!

    => c'mon man, dig-deep => this is a team sport!!

  12. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Huh? ... am I really the only one of us that owns a gryphon coin?

    Doug? ... you got nuthin'?

    Batman? ... did you sell me all of your Griffins?

    Martin? ... ummm, maybe post your "favourite" L-Papius?

    Noob? ... hmmm, I can't recall if you have a gryphon, or not?

    Jango, Windchild, Ripley, Mat, Ardy, Eng, chrsmat71? ... nuthin'

    Ummm, how 'bout => "Next Goal Wins!!" (first one to post wins!)

  13. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Okay => here is my good ol' favourite coin, with a Gryphon on the helmet (man, this coin is definitely "my precious")

    pontosg.jpg pontosh.jpg
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  14. Windchild

    Windchild Punic YN, Shahanshah

    I got none :(
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  15. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES! Supporter

    me neither...:(

    but that is my favorite of your weekend splerge coins...a griffon! but the "apollo" side looks really nice.
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  16. maridvnvm

    maridvnvm Well-Known Member

    Abdera, Silver Drachm
    Silver drachm
    Obv:– Griffin springing left.
    Rev:– GR-W-TH-S, laureate head of Apollo left in linear square, within incuse square
    Minted in Abdera, 365 - 345 B.C.
    Reference:– May 324

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  17. maridvnvm

    maridvnvm Well-Known Member

    Abdera, Ar Drachm, c. 386/5 - 375 B.C. Magistrate Romnemon.
    Obv:– Griffin seated left
    Rev:– PO-MN-EM-ON, Kantharos in square.
    Minted in Abdera, Period VII c. 386/5 - 375 B.C.
    Reference:– May 440, Group CXVI. Magistrate Romnemon. Same dies citing 3 examples, Oxford (ex May, ex Spink (1947) ex Kedros (1938)), Berlin, Lischine
    2.39g, 14.44mm, 180o
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  18. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem

    Great Griffins, Martin!!

    ... thanks for posting your gems!!

  19. Eng

    Eng Senior Eng

    Steve another winner, looks like you got a herd go'in there. i just have one a old rusty Gallienus...

    Gallienus Gryphon walking left, a little rarer


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  20. maridvnvm

    maridvnvm Well-Known Member

    Abdera, Ar triobol, 352 - 323 B.C. Magistrate Romnemon.
    Obv:– Griffin seated left, club beneath, HPA above (Magistrate).
    Rev:– ABD-HRI-TE-WN, Laureate head of Apollo right in square.
    Minted in Abdera, VIIIth period. 352 - 323 B.C. (AMNG)
    Reference:– May -. AMNG II, 204, pl. III, #15
    1.57g, 15.29mm, 0 degrees

  21. maridvnvm

    maridvnvm Well-Known Member

    Abdera, Ar Stater, 365 - 345 B.C. Magistrate Pytheos.
    Obv:– ABDH-RITEWN , Griffin seated left, raising right foreleg.
    Rev:– EPI PU-QEW, Laureate head of Apollo right.
    Minted in Abdera, 365 - 345 B.C. Magistrate Pytheos.
    Reference:– May 549 (May S. 293 und Taf. XXIV, 549. AMNG 156 und Taf. III, 13)

    Old edge chip between 9 o'clock and 11 o'clock probably accounts for the slightly low weight

    9.10g, 22.52mm, 45 degrees

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