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    Boy, I can't believe that Feb is already almost 1/3 gone! Anyways... Here are some coins I have to offer for sale.

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    Original Collector's Envelope - https://iomegacollectionhome.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/incollage_20210205_130810155.jpg
    Maximian Abdication Issue, RIC 6736, Original collector’s envelope included


    Hadrian mule? Unlisted type? Obv = RIC 371 (120-121 AD), Rev = RIC 2990 (124-127 AD)


    Constantius Gallus, Rome mint, Mule? Obv = RIC 258 (B behind), Rev = RIC 268 (S in field), FTR FH

    Constantius II, Antioch mint, RIC 144, FTR FH

    Coin photo - https://iomegacollectionhome.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/incollage_20210205_133850633.jpg
    Constantine II, Antioch mint, RIC 30

    Valentinian I, Siscia mint, RIC 5A, -/-//•ASISC or -/-//•BSISC, Chi-Rho, XF, great teal patina

    Julian II (the Apostate) as Caesar, Siscia mint, RIC 382, M/-//ASISL

    Coin photo - https://iomegacollectionhome.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/incollage_20210205_133138466.jpg
    Constantine I, Heraclea mint, Veiled, Quadriga, RIC 14, SMHB

    Valens, Aquileia mint, RIC 11B, -/-//SMAQP, Subtype xvia, Chi-Rho

    Valentinian I, Thessalonica mint, RIC 26A, -/(wreath)//TESA, Subtype vi, XF, Chi-Rho

    Constantine I, Antioch mint, RIC 86, SMANΔ

    Phocas, 602-610 AD
    AE Follis/40 Nummi, Cyzicus mint, 2nd officina
    RY 4, Struck 605-606 AD
    Obverse: d N FOCAS-PERP AVG, bust of Phocas facing, wearing consular robes and crown with cross on circlet, mappa in right hand, cross in left; cross in upper left field.
    Reverse: XXXX (value), ANNO above, IIII at right (RY 4), KYZ B below.
    References: Sear 665, DOC 72a

    Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, with Romanus I, 913-959 AD
    AE Follis, Constantinople mint
    Obverse: + RωMAҺ ЬASILЄVS RωM, Crowned facing bust of Romanus, holding globus cruciger and labarum-tipped sceptre.
    Reverse: + RωMA / Һ ЄҺ ΘЄω ЬA / SILЄVS Rω / MAIωҺ, legend in four lines.
    References: Sear 1760, DOC 25
    Size: 24.5mm, 6.1g

    Maurice Tiberius, 582-602 AD
    AE Follis/40 Nummi, Theoupolis (Antioch) mint, 3rd officina
    RY 20, Struck 602 AD, final year of reign
    Obverse: d N MAURI C N AUT, Emperor in consular robes, holding mappa and eagle-tipped scepter, wearing crown with pendilia.
    Reverse: ANNO XX (RY 20), large M, cross above, Γ below (officina), THEuP below.
    References: Sear 533
    Size: 26.5mm, 10.3g

    • Within the United States, shipping would be $4 shipped with USPS including tracking.
    • I offer combined shipping.
    • International shipping would be on an individual basis at cost for shipping to your country. Reach out to discuss. (Based on assumed legality and policy for shipping and customs to your country.)
    • All coins are personally guaranteed authentic for life and will issue a full refund including shipping if authenticity issues were to ever arise.
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