Featured [Ancients] Announcing 2019 CoinTalk Scholar Award

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Curtisimo, Jan 2, 2019.

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  3. Rushmore

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    This is a great idea! Suggestion...have a CT Scholar for different categories: US, Foreign, Medevial, Paper Money.
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  4. Cucumbor

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    I'm sorry folks but this is becoming a bit strange and complicated.

    Please, we're not at the european parliament where congress(wo)men will discuss for hours about what is the best shape for bananas and then decide to vote whether the next vote will be secret or by acclamation, but before, have to decide how they will vote this time :D

    Post your threads, sit back and relax, most of them are fantastic, many are informative, then we'll see what happens

    My only fear is we kill @Curtisimo's creativity. That would be sad

    Take care my friends
    :) Q
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  5. dougsmit

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    This is a general request not just aimed at this thread: When a thread has several pages of replies each with an opinion or side subject, we need to make it clear what it is we think is a great idea. Since my worthless joke post was immediately above Randy's I doubt that he was referring to anything I said but we don't know whether he meant the whole original idea or the allowing of opting out of competition. We see this most often when we post 'Great coin' to a thread that has shown a dozen coins including some posted five years earlier. When replying to threads, please consider reading the whole thread and commenting at the end so it is obvious what is meant. Commenting on a post on page one can look strange when it takes it's place on page two or page 52. One way of doing this is to highlight the part we are intending for comment and hitting reply to copy only that part. CT also has a handy quote feature that makes it possible to do multi quotes.
    Of course I disagree with this one. This is the Ancients section and we can let the modern and foreign collectors fend for themselves over on their parts of Coin Talk. We have adopted Medieval as part of Ancients since CT does not have a separate section for them but I, for one, have no idea what should be done in the parts of the site that service things I do not collect.

    Yes that would be sad but I believe the idea as originally stated would cause few posts from some members and an increase of posts made solely as entries not based on the interests of the group. That would also be sad.

    Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. We differ in a major way on the desirability of competitiveness in the hobby and probably in life in general but I am reminded of the old saying, "I don't have to be like you to like you."
  6. David Atherton

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    @TIF: 'Award aside, I'd simply like to see a list of meaty threads. One of these days/months/years when I update my website I'd like to add a list of such threads.'

    Yes! I wish we could have a pinned thread where worthy threads could be listed, award winners or not. So many great posts get buried over time.
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  7. randygeki

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    I'll try and use quote more often :)
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