Ancient inspiration from this modern half dollar?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by larssten, Feb 25, 2021.

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    I am an avid collector of both U.S. and ancient coins and find it fascinating to see ancient symbolism on U.S. coins. Look at for instance the reverse of the U.S. dime.

    Anyway, I recently looked at this Roman Republican denarii - L. Plautius Plancus, 47 BC. Rome. L PLAVTIVS Head of Medusa, facing, with coiled snake to either side. Rev. PLANCVS Victory (or winged Aurora) flying right, head turned slightly to the left, holding reins and conducting the four rearing horses of the Sun. Babelon (Plautia) 15. Crawford 453/1a. Sydenham 959.

    To me the reverse of this coin resembles to some extent the reverse of the USA Texas Commemorative Half Dollar minted between 1934-1938 and designed by the Italian sculptor Pompeo Coppini. The goddess has been described as Victoria.

    It could just be a coincidence but wanted to ask if any one else thinks the same?
    If you have any other good examples of ancient symbolism on more "modern" coins - feel free to post as well :)


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  3. Roman Collector

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    That's a great example of a modern coin influenced by classical numismatic designs, @larssten! I've long been fascinated by this. Here are a couple of examples from my own collection:

    Domna MATER AVGG Cybele Lion Quadriga Denarius.jpg
    Julia Domna, AD 193-217.
    Roman AR denarius, 3.30 g, 19 mm, 6 h.
    Rome, 21st emission, AD 205.
    Obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA, bare-headed and draped bust, right.
    Rev: MATER AVGG, Julia Domna, as Cybele, seated left in quadriga of lions and holding branch in her right hand.
    Refs: RIC 562; BMCRE 48; Cohen/RSC 117; RCV 6592; Hill 759; CRE 354.

    Italy 1920 50c Lion Quadriga.jpg
    Italy, 50 centissimi, 1920 R.

    Vespasian, AD 69-79.
    Roman AR Denarius, 2.73 gm, 17.7 mm.
    Rome, AD 70.
    Obv: IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head, r.
    Rev: COS ITER TR POT, Pax seated l., holding branch and caduceus.
    Refs: RIC 10D; BMCRE 26; RCV 2285.

    I note a certain resemblance:

    US trade dollar, 1877

    And this is a bit of a stretch, but ...

    Liberty head nickel.jpg
  4. Andres2

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  5. Terence Cheesman

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    There are quite a number of modern coins especially during the twentieth century that drew inspiration from modern coins. There are quite a number from Greece Albania italy and Spain. This coin
    L.Aemilius Lepidus Paulus Ar Denarius Rome 62 BC Obv. Veiled hear of Concordia Right. Rv. Aemilius Paulus standing left facing Perseus King of Macedon and his two sons. To right trophy. Crawford 415/1a 3.84 grms 18 mm Photo by W. Hansen 415-b.jpg The obverse was revived by the Italians in 1970 Italy 1000 Lira 1970 Obv Head of Concordia . It is clear that they are copying an ancient denarius 2njWD7Nx4BtfZgy8F9qX3HBcSm68y5 (1).jpg This is not my Coin. Coin is currently for sale on V Coins by Numiscorner
  6. Scipio

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    A beautiful Pegasus in a Corinthian Stater, and a more recent one on the 1946 10 Lire Italian coin. A861E17C-470A-407C-BC8C-E1C5EF59BCF1.jpeg C36563E4-D872-44CA-A654-6C0B2DE854A6.png
  7. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Modern: 1796 AV 96 Lire/ Genoa (Griffins supporting Arms)
    Ancient: Circa 550BC b025a1913415a8aa0f7f5c45f54392ea.jpg image00602 (1).jpg Phokaia EL Hekte (Griffin Head)
  8. Alegandron

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    I always felt this of Roman Victory to Modern Angel...

    (Both coins mine)
    Roman Republic
    Anonymous AR Didrachm. 6.55g, 18mm, 6h.
    Rome, circa 265-242 BCE
    Obv: Head of Roma right, wearing Phrygian helmet, cornucopiae behind
    Rev: ROMANO, Victory standing right, attaching wreath to long palm, YY in right field.
    Ref: Sear 25; Crawford 22/1; RSC 7.
    From the Eucharius Collection

    compared to:

    Gold French 20 Franc lucky angel
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  9. larssten

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    Thanks for everyone's contributions! Nobody knows anything about the possible inspiration of the Texas reverse?

    Here is another contribution from me - my first ancient coin actually. A common Roman Republican adverse we see again in Mercury Dimes also known as "Winged Liberty".
    CNG Electronic Auction 257 lot 328, 08.06.2011 - Copy.jpg
  10. Alegandron

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    Peter Pan’s TinkerBell
  11. Scipio

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  12. Victor_Clark

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    Constantine I
    A.D. 2007
    30mm 9gm

    The reverse is the Porta Nigra, an ancient Roman gate for the city of Treveri, now called Trier.

    This 10 euro coin was issued by a bank in Trier, Germany, to mark the 1700 year anniversary of Constantine's residence in that city, and was accepted as currency in the city until 31 March 2008.
  13. ZoidMeister

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    I think your example is very much an inspiration for the reverse of the HK-454 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition Medal pictured below.


  14. larssten

    larssten Active Member

    Thanks for the comment! First i tried to look up this medal in Bower's Guidebook for Commemorative Coins, but realize that this is actually a medal? Do you know where to read up more about the HK-454 1926 Sesquicentennial International Exposition Medal?
  15. ZoidMeister

    ZoidMeister Hamlet Squire of Tomfoolery . . . . . Supporter

    Here is a good resource for ALL Hibler & Kappen So Called Dollars.

    This link is specific to the HK-454.

    Enjoy the rabbit hole . . . .

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  16. coin_nut

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    I kind of think these two had some ancient inspiration... 1973 GR 1 d.jpg 1973 GR 2 d.jpg
  17. Cheech9712

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    Copy cat
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