Ancient experts help : Identify Roman coin from Alexandria

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Bart9349, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Bart9349

    Bart9349 Junior Member

    Here's what I presume to be a Third Century Romano-Egyptian tetradrachm with Serapis on the reverse (year 2). (Not my coin).

    Can anyone better attribute this coin? My rudimentary Latin is not helpful here, of course. All I really need is the emperor (I can research the rest), but any help would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance,

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  3. Dionysos

    Dionysos Well-Known Member

    Are you serious... That would be a very rare Domitius Domitianus (e.g. WORTHY) from Alexandria in an exceptional condition... :rolling:
  4. Ripley

    Ripley Senior Member

    Tough one Bart. :p
  5. Dionysos

    Dionysos Well-Known Member

  6. stevex6

    stevex6 Random Mayhem Supporter

    Beautiful coin!!

    ... oh, and amazing detective work as always my friend!!

  7. Bart9349

    Bart9349 Junior Member


    Thank you. Thank you.

    I really am humbled by the depth of numismatic knowledge that is found around here.

    Dionysos, how did you attribute the coin so quickly? Was it the Greek legend (which I couldn't decifer) or was it the portrait (which I didn't recognize)?

    Although I don't collect coins, I appreciate numismatists' skills and knowledge in helping to shed light on a history so often obscured by the veils of time.

    Thank you, again,

  8. Dionysos

    Dionysos Well-Known Member

    The obv. legend (DOMITIANOC...) on this Alexandrian coin type is quite revealing ;)
  9. Bart9349

    Bart9349 Junior Member

    Thank you. :bangg:

    I misread the delta sign (Δ) in the name, as well as the "M".

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