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    Here's a few coins I'm clearing from my collection as I start to draw up my list of coins to acquire for 2020, and these beauties no longer fit my collection.

    They are all priced to sell (shipping included anywhere in the US).

    Antoninus Pius denarius Salus (1).jpeg
    Antoninus Pius. ($87 USD)
    AR denarius
    Salus reverse

    Gordian III denarius Diana Lucifera JA.jpeg
    Gordian III denarius $75
    Diana Lucifer's reverse (looking like alien)
    *Coin is a little less bright in hand, this is a black and white photo.

    Julian II ($46)

    Alexander Severus denarius (1).jpg
    Severus Alexander denarius (SOLD)
    Virtus Avg reverse

    mSL26z8LNZr3Gt6Q9WqKfdT7Ps4Xa5 (1).jpg
    Gordian III antoninianus ($45)
    Securitas reverse

    ptolemy_ix (1).jpg
    Ptolemy IX tetradrachm (SOLD)
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