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    Not sure if this will work out. I am starting this thread to share useful and interesting references. It would be great when the number of references grows in time with CTrs’ contributions.

    Of course, we have also have available, wildwinds, acsearch,, that are very well-known.

    Roman (link thanks to @expat) (link thanks to @Sulla80) Roman Provincial

    A paper by Daniel Frascone about the Altar of Lugdunum:

    C. Pannekeet "The_moneyers_issues_under_Augustus.pdf”

    The C. L. CAESARES denarii RIC I2 Augustus 208. A pseudo- Augustan unsigned restoration issue. Corpus, die study, metallurgical analyses, Bernhard Woytek, Maryse Blet-Lemarquand

    Description génerale des monnaies de la République Romaine communement appelées medailles consulaires par H. Cohen : Henry Cohen

    THE "RESTORED" COINS OF TITUS, DOMITIAN, AND NERVA by Harold Mattingly: The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society, Fourth Series, Vol. 20 (1920), pp. 177-207

    Assorted Reverse Types Adventvs - Gloria Exercitvs

    The Coins of Julius Caesar - Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies

    Coins of Roman Egypt

    Mintmarks of the Fourth Century AD

    Gallienus Antoniniani collection of Frank Reinhardt,

    Celtic coins
    Great Britain:

    F. De Luca, Monograms on staters minted in Aspendos during the IV-III Century BC, numerical notes linked to the size of the issue, Revue Numismatique OMNI no.13, 07-2019, pp.40-71

    Cappadocian Tetradrachms in the Name of Antiochus VII, CATHARINE C. LORBER AND ARTHUR HOUGHTON

    Royal Coinage in Hellenistic Phoenicia : Expressions of Continuity, Agents of Change Catharine C. Lorber

    The coinage of the Lycian league, Hyla A. Troxell

    The coinage of Metapontum. Part 3 : Johnston, Ann

    The Silver Coinage of the Macedonian Regions, 2nd – 1st century BC. | Ilya Prokopov

    Quelques noms de magistrats monétaires grecs. V. Les monétaires de Kymé d'Éolide Olivier Masson

    Die-coupling of "Die Münzen von Syrakus" by Erich Boehringer (1929)

    Doris Raymond, "Macedonian Regal Coinage to 413 BC", New York 1953:

    ANS (American Numismatic Society) (link thanks to @robinjojo)

    Medieval and Early Modern

    Data Bank, Rutgers University

    Taler Universe - Habsburg Dynasty Austro-Hungarian Taler Collection and History

    Full text of "Erklärung der Abkürzungen auf Münzen der neueren Zeit, des Mittelalters und des Altertums

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