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    As always, I will offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee of authenticity for anything I sell. Payment is via PayPal, and shipping rates in the US are $1; for overseas shipping or special delivery instructions, just ask and we can figure it out. PM me with any questions or to discuss.

    $450, very rare; 10-7 BC, 25mm, Lugdunum mint; better in hand
    Obverse: Laureate bust right, traces of inscription around; incluse countermark with VAR monogram in ligature within
    Reverse: Altar of Lugdunum, with traces of inscription; concave from countermark
    This countermark has been attributed to Varus, a kinsman of the emperor Augustus and the governor of Germania, who was annihilated with his legions in AD 9 at the Teutoberger Forest. They are found in abundance on the battlefield site archaeology dig, as well as in other locations.

    jesus.png SOLD, AD 1059 - 1067, attributed to Constantine X, ~25mm
    Obverse: IS XS bAS-ILE bAS-ILE overstruck over image of Jesus facing with halo, giving blessing gesture
    Reverse: Image of Jesus Christ with halo, overstruck over inscription IC XP NI KA (?) or BASILE BASILE

    $25, Alexander I the Molossian of Epirus, very rare; 343-331 BC, ~20mm
    Obverse: Shield with thunderbolt superimposed
    Reverse: Wreath with thunderbolt at center

    $45, Judaea under Nero, procurator Antoninus Felix, AD 52-60, 18mm
    Obverse: Two Roman shields in crossed position
    Reverse: Palm tree

    $15, Indo-Greek King Apollodotus II, 80-65 BC, 18mm
    Obverse: Bull right within square border
    Reverse: Tripod with symbol at center within square border

    $50 Crawford RRC 183/4, very rare; 169 - 158 BC, 22mm, 6.79g, Rome mint
    Obverse: Head of Hercules; to right, denominational mark
    Reverse: ROMA; above prow of ship right; above, wolf and twins (Romulus and Remus) symbol in field

    $50 Gallienus, Rome mint. RIC V Gallienus 284, ~ AD 253-268. 19mm, 1.29g.
    While common with a right facing Pegasus, the left facing variant of this coin is exceptionally scarce.
    Obverse: GALLIENVS AVG, radiate bust right
    Reverse: SOLI CONS AVG, Pegasus leaping left

    $10 Tetricus I, ~AD 273 - 4, AE Antoninianus, (~20mm). Ragged, slightly concave flan.
    Obverse: __TETRICVS PF AVG, radiate bust of Tetricus I to right
    Reverse: HILARITAS AVGG, Hilaritas facing, holding palm and cornucopia

    $10 Tetricus II, AD 273 - 4, AE Antoninianus
    Obverse: TETRICVS CAES, radiate draped bust of Tetricus II to right
    Reverse: Spes advancing left, holding flower; SPES AVGG

    $15 Constantius II, RIC VIII Rome 15, ~12mm, AD 337 - 34. A rare reverse type of a common emperor.
    Obverse: DN FL CONSTANTIVS AVG, Rosette diademed bust of Constantius II to right
    Reverse: SECURITAS REIP, Securitas, draped, standing front, head right, legs crossed, holding scepter in right hand and leaning left elbow on column
    Mint mark R•T
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