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    Ancient-coin collecting is a hobby of the mind. It is what you know about them that makes them more than just small disks. First you learn they are old and you continue learning about them so they become more interesting than just "old." CoinTalk is a very good way to learn. When you are ready to step up, good books are informative and lots of fun (and far less expensive than coins. You could buy the whole library below for the cost of one coin). Many times authoritative answers to questions asked on CT are in one or more of the books I offer below.

    I have all of these titles (except the bottom four below the horizontal line) in my personal library. Here I am offering additional copies in nice condition at favorable prices.

    VG= no marks, nice. (VG is much better in book terms than it is in coin terms.) Shipping in the US only is $3.50 for one book and an additional 75 cents for each additional book. This color means it has SOLD.

    Tameanko: Monumental Coins: Buildings & Structures on Ancient Coinage. New $12. SOLD HC. Large format. Many line drawings plus 100 B&W photos.

    Whitting: Byzantine Coins $25 VG, good DJ. [Highly recommended]

    Anthony: Collecting Greek Coins $8 SOLD VG

    Carradice and Price: Coinage in the Greek World $15 [One of my highest recommendations] almost new. No DJ

    Davis: (Signed) Greek Coins & Cities $12. SOLD HC. 221 pages. 84 coins enlarged and some with additional very large enlargements. [Each page has one coin from each of many cities, with the story of the coin and city. Fun to read. Not very deep.] VG+, nice DJ

    Jenkins: Ancient Greek Coins $29 SOLD (first edition, which is much better and larger with more photos than the second edition). A beautiful book. HC. VG. DJ sunned.

    Jones: A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins $20 [up-to-date. All the terms connected with Greek coins, often with very extensive discussion.] HC. VG, crease on flyleaf (not in the text itself)

    Burnett: Coinage in the Roman World $15 SOLD [One of my highest recommendations] PB. as new.

    Butcher: Roman Provincial Coins: An Introduction to the Greek Imperials $39 [I love this book and take it on airplane trips. It is small, but has so much in it! One of my highest recommendations. I have read it at least seven times and still like to pick it up.]

    Foss: Roman Historical Coins $35 SOLD [A list of all Roman coins with a specific connection to history] HC. As new. No DJ.

    Fox: Roman Coins and How to Collect Them $15 [A minor paperback I love. The story of collecting on a very low budget in England, mosly by going to local coin shows.] Contents VG, wear at spine.

    Grant: Roman History from Coins $8 A small PB book. New

    Harl: Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B. C. to A. D. 700 $39 HC. New. No DJ. [$29]

    Jones: A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins HC $25 [up-to-date. All the terms connected with Roman coins, often with very extensive discussion.] New with DJ.

    Rodewald: Money in the Age of Tiberius $25 on Amazon. $15 here. HC. VG. [Economics, not collecting]

    Sutherland: Roman Coins $15 SOLD [A beautiful book to read. Worth more than it costs.] G. ex. Library with library marks.

    Lorber: Treasures of Ancient Coinage: From the Private Collections of American Numismatic Society [$6] [One coin per page with its story] VG

    Plant: Arabic Coins and How to Read Them $15 [Many Arabic coins are formulaic. You (yes, you) can learn to read them and pick out the dates] VG. Some foxing.

    The Norman Conquest and the English Coinage, by Michael Dolley. a 40-page booklet wrtten at the 900th anniversary of 1066 explaining how the coinage changed. 28 coins have enlarged photos. [$24 on Amazon, $12 here]

    Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Coins and How to Know Them, by G. B. Rawlings. HC. 1966. 360 pages. 184 pages on ancients, 83 on English, 42 on Scotish and Irish, 32 page plates of okay photos, but modern printing is better. [$5, with good DJ]

    Some Historical Roman Coins, by Edward Lee Terrace. A 44-page booklet describing 41 coins on exhibition at Dartmouth. 1958. [$3] Nicely printed but the photos are not up to modern standards.

    Historical Roman Coins Illustrating the Period 44 B.C. to A.D. 55, by K. D. White. 1958. PB. A selection of the collection at Rhodes University. Printed from typewriter font. 25 coins, each extensively discussed. [$5] The photos are not up to modern standards.

    For many other ancient-coin books, see:

    For ancient coins, see my site, "Augustus Coins":
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