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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Bronxdude718, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. Bronxdude718

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    Can anyone identify this chinese coin ? What year is from and can it be a counterfeit? Can it be worth something ? Any info will be be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  3. Ryro

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    Please space your requests out. You have just bumped 4 fun threads to the 2nd page.
    I enjoy helping identify coins when I can but would be more prone to help someone who posts one or two every couple of days.
  4. shanxi

    shanxi Well-Known Member

    Many things wrong with your coin.

    Qing Dynasty, Emperor Ren Zong (1796-1820)
    Jia Qing Tong Bao, Boo Je, from Hangzhou Mint.

    A common coin but IMHO nevertheless a counterfeit. Boo on the reverse is completely wrong and also the hole with the round edges. IMHO your other three coins too.

    My example:

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  5. jcm

    jcm Active Member

    Counterfeit Jiaqing cash. Looks struck, the originals are cast.
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