ANACS VAM-15 1900-O Morgan

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Roseland3, Feb 28, 2021.

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    I picked up a ANACS Certified 1900O Morgan Silver Dollar several years ago for about $25.00 just because it has Doubled Stars near the date. I didn't understand what a VAM-15 was at the time, or that it was a Top 100 VAM and apparently the person I got it didn't either. As I stated in a post yesterday about a 1900O over CC I found using a newly acquired close up microscope, I have been going through close to 200 Morgans.
    I haven't looked at this slabbed coin in some time, so under the scope it went. Here is what I found.

    The obverse, besides the doubled stars, has a die clash at her neck. The reverse has double clash marks near the right wing of the eagle, as well as double clash marks on the upper left wing into IN GOD. There is also a clash mark near the upper olive branch.

    My question is, this seems to be a VAM-15A and is mis-marked. Should I re-submit it to say, PCGS and get it re-certified?

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    I think you should let it be if you were to send it to pcgs/ngc it might grade 1 to 2 points lower and you possibly have to pay for attribution.
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