ANACS Covid 19 Update

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by tommyc03, Mar 30, 2020.

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    I apologize if this duplicates a similar post. I don't get to see all your post every day. Stay safe everyone. Tom
    ANACS friends and family,

    Effective immediately, due to the health emergency caused by the COVID19 virus and in compliance with the State of Colorado, ANACS has suspended its operations until it is safe and permitted to reopen.

    Please refrain from submitting until further notice. Any current submissions will be held safely in our vault and remain in their current status until the office reopens.
    Any inbound packages will be collected and secured at our facility, but it is not likely any will be opened or processed at this time.

    Limited correspondence will be available with ANACS Customer Service but precise information about a specific submission or account is likely to be unavailable.

    Check our Social Media pages for weekly updates.

    We thank you for your patience during these unusually trying times. And look forward to getting back to business as usual.



    Paul A. DeFelice
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    Sorry to hear that. Stay Safe!!

    Now I know why our submissions are going up more than usual. Probably the same as NGC since PCGS and now ANACS are closed.

    I've just told a mod here on CT that the ICG special for CT members is still in effect. Download the form from the Internet. $10 per coin plus return postage. Put CT Special and your CT "handel" that identifies you on the form. We are working late to send out coins in about 6 to 7 days.

    Stay safe! So far, the Summer FUN Show is still being held. Hope to see you guys are back in business by then!
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  4. -jeffB

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    You, too. I'm getting seriously worried about Florida's prospects a month or so down the line. :(
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  5. Rick Stachowski

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    I'm in Michigan .
    Been doing a remodel, keeping myself busy .
    Had the cabinets in a pod since Christmas .
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