An interesting "token" with an odder "pedigree"

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by mrweaseluv, Dec 20, 2021.

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    1st.. and most obvious it is a momento minted for the 1972 democratic convention in Miami. These coins were part of the early "recycleing" push in politics.. the coins are made from melted down crome/steel bumbers from detroit and then themselves cromed (poorly lol) they are 38.6mm the same size and thickness as a 1965 church hill crown
    2nd pedigree, I purchased the full case (some 300+ coins) from a fleamarket coin dealer in Pensacola Fl. which were then used as poker chips 1st on the USS Portland LSD 39 then on the USS Pensacola LSD 38 (sister ships) and many games of poker were played during desert shield/desert storm :D
    I have a dozen or so left... can't tell you what happend to the other 300 for all I know they still on a US Navy ship playing poker lol :D
    anyway.. here is one of those oddball "bumper" coins :D
    20211220_194955.jpg 20211220_195012.jpg
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  3. BasSWarwick

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    Very interesting tale.
    You have to wonder where the the other 280+ ended up
  4. Mountain Man

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    Chrome plated, yuck, but still interesting.
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