Featured An example of "grade-flation" lowering specific grade market values

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by johnmilton, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Actually each collectible grading service is a separate company/legal entity in its own right. CU is the parent corporation and owns all of them, but is legally a separate entity in its own right. Legally, they're not "all one in the same."

    Except the modern market is largely dead with a few exceptions. Many coins have lost 60+% of their former highs with no signs of recovery.

    PCGS has been grading for 33 years now. Exactly how many quality coins worthy of grading do you think are out there? As greed and TPG generated grade inflation push prices even lower, the number of coins worth certifying is declining not even accounting for examples lost through attrition. Even hoard/bag coins for common dates need to be MS66 or MS67 to be worth even considering to potentially submit. An uber common MS67 Morgan can almost squeeze into the economy tier and might one day if prices continue to drop.

    Thank heaven for grade inflation and gimmicks to keep the services a float.

    If things continue as they have for the last 10 years, you'll be seeing bankruptcy filings in the future.
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    Do u uplaod photos to coin talk i camt find the option for that on this website and if i just try to share a photo cointalk is not an option so could u please tell me how thanx
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    The method that C-B-D illustrated above is easy and works very well, but only with pics you have stored on your device.

    If you have your pics stored on a website or they are internet accessible then you have to use the Image Icon in the tool bar. The Image Icon is the one to the immediate right of the Smiley Face icon in the tool bar. Simply click on the Image Icon and it will open a dialog box that allows you to post the url for the pics you want to embed in your post.
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    Ok thanx
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    I agree. I am also new to collecting
  10. I have an 1885-s eagle that appears in very similar condition that I wanted to submit, But after seeing your feed I'm half afraid. I really want at least a ms 64. If you look at PCGS photo grade(lol submission ploy) yours deserves a much higher grade. You could risk the re submission fee and go for a higher grade.
    62 $2,190** $1,750** $1,486** (P), $1,486** (N) $2,850 --- $2,000 $2,450 $2,130 $2,560 $1,700
    63 $4,500 $3,600 $3,000**(P), $3,000**(N) $6,600 --- $4,750 $8,000 $5,030 $5,800 $4,025
    64 $29,000 $24,000 $22,000**(P), $22,000**(N) $42,500 --- $35,000 $55,000 $37,380 $45,000 $28,750. That's a big WORTH THE RISK. Think of it this way. Would you blow 30 bucks at Vegas and I don't see how they can lower the grade.
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    I sent a friend's half eagle to NGC expecting a MS 62/63 grade due to some contact marks on the obverse. Otherwise the coin had excellent luster and eye appeal. I was contacted by NGC during the process that there was some glue residue on the coin and whether I wanted them to conserve it. I agreed and after the coin was conserved and graded it came back as MS 64. It sold for a nice price at auction.

    Given the value of your coin, I wouldn't hesitate to have it slabbed.
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