An Anomalous Domitian Aegis

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by David Atherton, Apr 25, 2018.

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    Here's a Domitianus dupondius with Aegis. Rome mint and struck in 87A.D.
    Obv. : Radiate bust wearing Aegis
    Rev. : Fides standing right, holding a basket with fruit and grain ears.

    !1 cor 250mb%.jpg
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    Not sure what you were referring to Ivo when you reported your own post and asked for help because you couldn't it. I can see it, 5 others who liked it can see it - there's no problem that I can see.
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    IVO, are you referring to the list that occurs on the right side of the page that says recent topics? That is the "newest posts" listing. when you post a new thread it only shows once and is replaced ( depending on how active the forum is, sometimes in a few minutes) then it is not on again, until someone posts again on that same thread, and it repeats.

    If it desn't appear when you type on your avatar, you can go to the "posts" tab and it will show there for a time., click on it and it will pop up, but not affect the "recent posts" until ou or others posts something new on it. Like Doug I am a little confused


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    This is a copy/paste of the 2nd report you made yesterday.


    IvoYesterday at 4:56 PM I can see it my contribution isolated on this link :

    but not directly! as my new contribution in forum. Here I can see that I posted a new contribution to the topic : An Anomalous Domitianus Aegis.

    When I scroll down, I see all the other contributions of other members but not mine at the end. link .....There is nothing to see for me.

    When I posted the contribution I have edit it 2 times... maybe there is the problem.


    So OK, that 1st link in your report, that link -
    - is for the post I made in this thread, post #22. So of course you don't see your post when you use that link.

    This is the link to the post you made, post #21 -

    See the difference ?

    Now the last sentence in your report is what has me puzzled. I say that for one reason, you're claiming that you can not see your own post in this thread. Your exact words were - When I scroll down ...... there is nothing to see for me.

    But let me ask you a question, if you cannot see your post, then how did you manage to edit it, not just once but 3 times ? Here's a screen shot of your editing history.


    That screenshot shows the time stamps for your original post and the time stamps for when you edited your post. And to edit it, you must be able to see it.

    So again, I'm still confused as to exactly what your problem is. Simply put there is no problem here as you can obviously see your post.
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    After! editing, I couldn't see it . I thank you so far for your help. Futher no problem.
  7. Ivo

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    P1580257 eagis det.jpg First, the item is now visible for me.

    Question about the Aegis . Is this Aegis , a head with one wing, related to Hypnos?
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