An Affordable Hobby: 2020 Favorites under $25

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    I will post my actual top ten list closer to Christmas, mostly because I’ll have more time to add small write-ups then. For now, though, I’d like to continue something I started last year: an annual list of favorite ancient and medieval coin purchases under $25. @Quant.Geek already did something similar with coins under $50, and @dougsmit did a favorite list by price bracket.

    The reason for this list is simple: each year, new members looking for advice and inspiration are joining this board. Many of our favorite lists could give such new collectors the impression that ancient numismatics is a hobby only suitable for people with substantial piles of disposable cash. To prove this wrong, I'll try to illustrate what is possible on a budget, and I’d like to invite everybody else to show their own budget purchases for 2020.

    The rules for this list are the same as in 2019: since it is meant to illustrate the affordability of the hobby, I have violated the ‘never talk about money’-rule of polite conversation and mentioned prices. If necessary, amounts are converted to US dollars, include buyer’s premium, and are rounded up. Shipping is not factored in, though, since it would have been somewhat distortive due to combined shipping fees and different addresses I used. Coins are in roughly chronological order.

    1. I didn’t have a good Greek year. More lamentations will follow in my “real” list. Yet, I managed to win this Ptolemaic coin from a small seller on Ebay who apparently dispersed a private collection. The (fortunately rock hard) encrustations on the reverse probably deterred other bidders. Buying budget coins usually requires such compromises.
    Ptolemäer – Ptolemaios VIII Evergetes II Physkon, AE30, Serie 7, Svoronos 1424.png
    Ptolemy VIII Evergetes II “Physcon”, Ptolemaic Kings of Egypt, AE30, ca. 145–116 BC, Alexandreia mint. Obv: diademed head of Zeus-Ammon r. Rev: BA[ΣIΛEΩΣ] ΠTOΛEMAIOY; two eagles with wings closed standing l. on thunderbolt; in field l, cornucopia. 30mm, 27,7g. Ref: Svoronos 1424b; Lorber/Faucher series 7. $24

    2. This Kushan AE tetradrachm came from a trusted small seller in Germany. With the elephant rider and the Oesho reverse, it is an interesting type and in attractive condition. The collector base for Kushan coins is rather small, though. Building a fine Kushan bronze collection for little money is therefore possible.
    Orient, Antike – Kushan – Huvishka, Elefantenreiter und Oesho.png
    Huvishka, Kushan Empire, AE tetradrachm, c. 155-189 CE. Obv: þAONANOþ OOηþKE KOþANO (partially struck), King riding elephant r., holding elephant goad. Re: OηþO; Oesho (Siva?) standing facing, holding trident and deerskin. 26mm, 9.97g. Ref: Göbl 855; Mitchiner 3291-3301. Ex azuro coins (ebay Germany). $19

    3. Many collectors shy away from coins worn to an optimistic “fine.” I don’t necessarily do. This denarius has good surfaces, a very fine portrait and was issued for Antoninus Pius as Caesar. His coins as Augustus are common, but anything from the short three months between his appointment as the new imperial successor and Hadrian’s death must be considered scarce. If you don’t insist on great reverse detail and know what to look for, Savoca Blue auctions can yield such bargains:
    Rom – Antoninus Pius (als Caesar), Denar, .png
    Antoninus Pius (as Caesar), Roman Empire, AR denarius, 138 AD, Rome mint. Obv: IMP T AEL CAES ANTONINVS; head of Antoninus Pius, bare, r. Rev: TRIB POT COS; Pietas, veiled, draped, standing l., holding up r. hand over altar and l. hand on side. 18 mm, 3.54g. Ref: RIC II Hadrian 452A. Ex Savoca, Blue Auction 29, lot 1377. $17

    4. Coins of Postumus and most other Gallic emperors are a paradise for collectors on a budget: there are countless variants, they have an interesting history, and often come at good prices. This one came from the annual FSR bargain list, which is an unannounced event you should look out for. (Tip: answer fast once the e-mail arrives!)
    Rom – Postumus, Antoninian, Jupiter (Iovi propugnatori).png
    Postumus, Gallic Roman Empire, AR antoninianus, 262–263 AD, Trier mint. Obv: IMP C POSTVMVS P F AVG; bust of Postumus, radiate, draped, cuirassed, r. Rev: IOVI PROPVGNATORI; Jupiter, walking l., holding thunderbolt in r. hand and eagle in l. hand. 22mm, 4.07g. Ref: Mairat 237; RIC V Postumus 72. Ex Frank S. Robinson, bargain list April 2020, lot 192. $16

    5. Coins of the tetrarchy are another budget friendly collecting field, especially if grade is not what matters most to you. This coin is worn to “fine,” but style, surfaces and patina nonetheless make it attractive. Also, it is from the Trier mint, which I consider to be another factor of desirability.
    Rom – Maximian, Follis, Trier.png
    Maximian, Roman Empire, AE1 (“follis”), 296–297 AD, Trier mint. Obv: IMP MAXIMIANVS P AVG; bust of Maximianus, laureate, r. Rev: GENIO POPV-LI ROMANI; Genius standing l., holding patera and cornucopia, modius on head; in fields, A–Γ; in exergue, TR. 25mm, 9.30g. Ref: RIC VI Trier 181b. Ex cody111111 (ebay); Ex Craig Rose (Numis Europa), TX. $17

    6. Late Roman bronze coins (aka LRBs) are what ancient collectors tend to start with. Necessary warning: “uncleaned” lots of these often consist of junk! Yet, with a bit of searching, attractive cleaned Constantinian bronzes can still be found at very affordable prices. This Sol from the London mint is an example:
    Rom – Konstantin der Große, AE3, Sol, London mit Beizeichen.png
    Constantine the Great, Roman Empire, AE2, 316 AD, London mint. Obv: CONSTANTINVS P AVG; bust of Constantine I, laureate, cuirassed, r. Rev: SOLI INVICTO COMITI; Sol standing l., radiate, chlamys draped across r. shoulder, raising r. hand and holding up globe in l. hand; in fields, S–P; in exergue, MSL. 20.5mm, 3.06g. Ref: RIC VII Londinium 76. Ex EnjoyTreasure (ebay); ex Kroyer’s Münzencontor, Hamburg. $15

    7. Another cheap LRB. Constantius Gallus, the younger brother of Julian II, is a somewhat scarcer emperor. I did a small write-up on this coin. Does the light encrustation on the obverse bother you? Personally, I consider it patina and thus part of the coin’s history.
    Rom – Constantius Gallus, AE2, Reitersturz, Konstantinopel Kopie.png
    Constantius Gallus, Roman Empire, AE2, 351–355 AD, Constantinople mint. Obv: DN FL CL CONSTANTIVS NOB CAE; bust of Constantius Gallus, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed, r. Ref: FEL TEMP REPARATIO; Roman soldier l. spearing fallen horseman; in in fields, Γ•; in exergue, CONSB. 24mm, 4.20g. Ref: RIC VIII Constantinople 107. Ex azuro-coins (ebay Germany). $12

    8. The last late Roman coin on this list. Believe it or not, this Arcadius is in very good condition and style for the type! It also was the cheapest coin in this selection:
    Rom -Arcadius, AE2, stehender Kaiser, Gloria Romanorum.png
    Arcadius, Roman Empire, AE2, 392–395 AD, Nicomedia mint. Obv: D N ARCADIVS P F AVG; bust of Arcadius, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed, r. Rev: GLORIA ROMANORVM; emperor, head r., standing facing, holding standard and globe. Ref: RIC IX Nicomedia 46B. 21.5mm, 5.23g. Ex ashwill0324 (ebay, kown on CT as @Finn235). $6

    9. In my opinion, medieval Islamic coins are underappreciated, mostly because understanding and collecting them requires extra effort (e.g. learning the basics of decipherin Arabic letters and reading up on some non-Western history). Yet, this also means that you can assemble a respectable collection in this field for comparatively little money. Isn’t it exceptional that you can buy an attractive coin of Harun al-Rashid, known as the protagonist of One Thousand and One Nights, for $25 at retail from a knowledgeable full-service dealer?
    Orient, MA – Abbasiden, Harun Al-Rashid, dirham, 171AH, Al-Abbasiyah, .png
    Abbasid Caliphate, under Harun al-Rashid, citing governor Yazid, AR dirham, 787/8 AD (171 AH), Al-Abbasiyah mint. Obv: beginning of kalima, mint-date-formula around. Rev: second part of kalima; name “Yazid” in lower field; around, Surah IX, 33. 23.5mm; 2.94g. Ref: Album 219.2. Ex Allen G. Berman. $25

    10. Medieval European coins are a tough collecting field for many reasons including the lack of a single series of reliable catalogues and the high number of issuing authorities. Some parts of it (e.g. Crusader Kingdoms, English coinage, Carolingian) require deep pockets, but others, for example medieval Spain, are more budget friendly. This coin by Jaime I of Aragon, for obvious reasons also known as “nose without a mouth,” was less than a burger with fries and a drink in California:
    MA – Spanien, James I v. Aragon, Dinero 1.png
    Kingdom of Aragon, under James I “the Conqueror”, BI dinero, 1213-1276 AD, Jaca mint. Obv: ARAGON; crowned bust of James I l. Rev: +IACOBVS : REX; patriarchal cross. 18mm, 0.85g. Ref: Crusafont i Sabater 1992, 318. Ex Tauler y Fau, e-auction 54, lot 4207. $22

    If you have any comments or comparable coins in your collection, please post them!
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  3. Roman Collector

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    Nice coins, even without the expected "for the money." That Arcadius was a real bargain.

    Here are 10 purchases (all but one at auction) for < $25 (not including shipping).

    Pleasantly worn denarii of the adoptive emperors can be had for < $25. Here are two I obtained for that price:

    Hadrian P M TR P COS III Aeternitas Denarius.jpg
    Antoninus Pius COS IIII Annona denarius Modius left.jpg
    Billion antoniniani of the third century are frequently < $25. Purchased because I needed an officina 11 to complete my set of Gallienus Rome mint officina marks:

    Gallienus LIBERTAS AVG.jpg

    Every once in a while a fully-attributable sestertius can be found at that price:

    Gordian III AETERNITATI AVG S C sestertius.jpg

    Folles of the tetrarchy are often found in the < $25 range, particularly if part of a group lot at auction. These two were part of a group of seven I purchased for about $15 each:

    Galerius GENIO POPVLI ROMANI follis Trier.jpg

    Constantius I GENIO POPVLI ROMANI follis Trier.jpg

    Provincial bronzes can be obtained for that price, too:

    Caracalla Hadrianopolis winged Genius.jpg
    Severus Alexander Caesarea Mount Argaeus.jpg
    Gordian III Thessalonica Temple and Kabeiros.jpg
    Gordian III Thessalonica Tripod and apples.jpg
  4. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Well-Known Member


    Greek bronzes in this price range:

    Apameia Athena and eagle.jpg
    Pergamon Athena Nikephoros AE 19.jpg
    Amisos Gorgon.jpg
    Amisos Gorgon 2.jpg
    Adana Apollo and Zeus Nikephoros AE 23.jpg
  5. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    ...these types post are great to show you don't have to have a kings ramson to buy ancient last Roman republican coin, while misidentified by the seller(and i wasn't the only one here who saw it:watching:) and a lil worn, went for a $20.00 bid... L. Phillipus Marcius Equestrian on Aquaduct 003.JPG L. Phillipus Marcius Equestrian on Aquaduct 002.JPG L. Marcius Phillipus, 56BC 21mm 3.27gms
  6. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Well-Known Member

    Excellent thread @Orielensis and very thoughtful to new members and/or youngsters to show them how affordable our hobby can be

    The motto is "to each their own" and you illustrate it perfecly

    Well done
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  7. John Conduitt

    John Conduitt Well-Known Member

    I bought these for under $25 - the list would have been longer but the exchange rate has gone a little in my favour very recently. With the exception of the first coin, they all came in under $25 including postage, which was often free (a benefit of collecting cheaper coins).

    Crusader coins are often cheap (and have a turbulent history surrounding them). $50 gives you quite a wide range, but $25 is still possible:

    'Crusader' Charles II of Anojou (Charles the Lame), Denier, 1285-1287
    $24.15. Clarencia, Achaea. Silver (billon) tournois, 18mm, 0.73g. +.K. R. PRINC ACH - Cross. DE CLARENTIA - Castle (Metcalf 942).

    The Crusader-sympathising Cilician Armenia also produced a lot of interesting coins. Again, $50 gives you a good selection (or better examples), but $25 is enough:

    Leo II, Kardez, 1270-1289
    $12.50. Sis. Bronze, 21mm, 2.6g. Lion walking left. Cross.

    Coins of the Mongol Golden Horde are a little scruffy but incredibly cheap, given the history of that empire (and they're all named and dated). Coins of Genghis Khan himself cost a little over $100 but that's not bad for the leader of the largest contiguous empire the world has ever seen.

    Berdi Beg Dirham, 1357-1358
    $14.27. Azaq (now Azov near Roston-on-Don). Silver, 1.26g. AH759. Obverse: Ber di Beg Khan. Reverse: Mint of Azaq (Sagdeeva 271).

    Tokhtamysh Khan Dang, 1391-1392
    $8.92. Qrim (Crimea). Silver. Obverse: Sultan Toqtamysh. Reverse: Kalima, AH794 (Sagdeeva 386/387).

    Another area that can be cheap to collect is the Roman barbarous radiate. They are crude and sometimes ugly, but interesting and perhaps a little crazy. (I have a lot of these under $25, but won't post them all!)

    Tetricus I, Barbarous Antoninianus, 270-280
    $20.17. Laetitia standing, holding rudder and cornucopea. Found in Britain

    And if whole medieval coins are too expensive, you can always go for the cut versions. These were cut by the mint, as they only struck whole pennies and needed to offer smaller change. Sometimes you don't get the half with the face or the mint, but hey, you can get a coin from one of the most famous and romanticised Kings of England for $20.

    Richard I the Lionheart, Cut Halfpenny, 1189-1199
    $20.16. London. Silver, short cross, Class 4b. + hENRICVS REX. +FVLKE ON LVN (S 1348C).
    The mint is not on the coin, but the only moneyer named Fulke was at London. (The fact that it names the king 'Henricus' instead of Richard is another story, but suffice to say both Richard and John were named 'Henricus' on their coins because they didn't bother changing it after Henry II).
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  8. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    You're a true bottom feeder like me @Orielensis. That's a good thing not bad. It takes more time and effort to find inexpensive, but nice, coins than to be lazy (like me) to just buy the more expensive coins. Congrats!
  9. Cucumbor

    Cucumbor Well-Known Member

    To contribute with a budget coin, here's my cheapest purchase of the year, just above the 25 $ limit, at 24 €

    AUGUSTUS & AGRIPPA - Halved dupondius, Nemausus mint, after 10 AD
    4th type
    IMP D[IVI F] P | [P], Laureate heads of Agrippa and [Augustus] back to back
    [COL] NEM, Crocodile chained to palm tree
    26,5 mm - 6,55 gr
    Ref : RCV #1731, Cohen #8

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  10. svessien

    svessien Senior Member

    I am also just above the 25$ limit with one of my top 10 coins, which cost 24€.

    Sear 11370 Claudius II.jpg

    I’ve bought a lot of cheap coins in 2020. It’s fun, but they really add up in volume. My goal for 2021 is to buy fewer coins, in a higher price bracket.
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  11. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana

    There are some really nice snack-priced steals in this thread. Actually, all are steals if you consider their antiquity, historical interest, and in many instances, attractiveness. I, however, won't be arguing that the coin I'll offer here qualifies in that last category. :shame:

    THRACE Thasos - Fourree Drachm 4165.JPG $18
    THRACE, Thasos
    Fourrée Drachm (Holed). 2.74g, 15.8mm. ISLANDS OFF THRACE, Thasos, circa 412-404 BC for type. Cf. HGC 6, 336 (for prototype). O: Ithyphallic satyr advancing partly to right, carrying protesting nymph; both in Classical style. R: Quadripartite incuse square.
  12. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    One of the things that surprised me when I started collecting ancient coins was that you could find a lot that are budget friendly. Very budget friendly.
    Many people, including some collectors (not interested in ancient coins) are under the impression even the cheaper late Roman bronzes are extremely expensive.
    2020 was the first year when I focused on ancients and in 90% of the cases I think they were bargains.
    Thrace. Trajanopolis. Caracalla AD 198-217 .Moushmov 5026. 13 EUR.

    Ionia. Ephesos. Marcus Aurelius AD 161-180. RPC 1132 also 13 EUR.


    Lydia. Thyateira. Trajan AD 98-117. RPC 1826. 17 EUR.

    Cn. Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus 88 BC. Rome
    Quinarius (my only Republican) 16 EUR.


    RIC III Antoninus Pius 1020 Dupondius, 17 EUR


    RIC IV Severus Alexander 618, Sestertius, 19 EUR.

    Just some examples, I have more, but I like these ones the most except from the ones I posted in my top 10.
    My first lot of ancients (34 coins) was won with 100 EUR, well below their real market price, as most of them were in decent condition.

    I like all the coins presented in the OP, I find #8 in a very good condition and execution for an Arcadius coin.
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  13. akeady

    akeady Well-Known Member

    I added a few group lots to Tantalus this year where the cost per coin was less than $25:

    A lot of 5 provincial coins from Hadrianopolis and Anchialus - from Naville - average cost per coin (including buyer's fee) = £14.81.

    These are nice coins, not worn slugs - I won't bore everyone with them all, but here's one.

    Gordian III (Augustus)
    Region, City: Thrace, Anchialus
    Coin: Bronze Tetrassarion
    Obv. AVT K M ANT GORDIANOS AVG SEB / TRANKVΛ / ΛΙΝΑ - Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Gordian and draped bust of Tranquillina, wearing stephane, facing one another
    Rev. OVΛΠIANΩΝ ΑΓΧΙΑΛΕΩΝ - Hygiea standing right, feeding serpent held in arms
    Mint: (241-244 AD)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 11.37g / - / -
    • Varbanov 711
    • AMNG III 666


    A couple of halved coins from the AP auction - I actually only bought one of these, but Jon threw in a second for free. So the cost is either $15 or $7.50 each - I'll just include one of them - the other is also from Emerita with a bull reverse.

    Augustus Bronze As (halved)
    Obv. CAESAR AVG TRIB POTEST - Bare head left
    Rev. P CARISIVS LEG [AVGVSTI] - Legend in three lines
    Mint: Emerita (ca. 25-23 BC)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 5.90g / 28mm / 9h
    • RIC 15b (Augustus)

    A lot of 7 Domitian middle bronzes from CGB. These came to €17.86 each (€125 for 7). I actually bought these as far back as 2013, but only photographed them during the lockdown.

    This example is maybe the worst of the bunch, as it seems to have been a victim of a damnatio memoriae effort, but I like the way the reverse detail has survived to some extent, given that there's very little relief left on the reverse.

    Domitian Dupondius
    Obv. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII DENS PERP P P - Radiate head right
    Rev. COS XIIII LVD SAEC FEC - Domitian standing left, sacrificing over altar; to left, River god reclining right, lyre player and flute player standing right; in background, double temple showing nine columns
    Exergue: [​IMG][​IMG]
    Mint: Rome (88 AD)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 10.52g / 28mm / 6h
    • RIC 621
    • BMC 432-433


    A couple of Syracuse bronzes from Naville. £16.05 each including fees. While no self-respecting collector would admit to owning some of the budget coins I have, these are from the Clain-Stefanelli collection. One is below, the other is larger and has Zeus and a thunderbolt.

    Obv. Female head left, wearing sphendone; poppy head to right
    Rev. ΙΕΡ - ΩΝΟΣ - Pegasos flying left
    Mint: Syracuse (ca. 269/265 - 240 BC)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 3.02g / 15mm / 0h
    • HGC 2, 1151
    • Calciati 202
    • SNG Morcom 815 var
    • Ex. E.E. Clain-Stefanelli Collection
    Apologies for the lighting here...


    The last lot I'll bore you with is also from 2013, but again only got photographed this year. It was a lot of 4 denarii from Tintinna - the cost per coin including fees wa €9.63. They're not great, but identifiable :D

    Moneyer: L.Antestius Gragulus
    Obv. GRAG / * - Helmeted head of Roma right
    Rev. L. ANTES - Jupiter in quadriga right, holding sceptre and reins in left hand and hurling thunderbolt with right
    Exergue: ROMA
    Mint: Rome (136 BC)
    Wt./Size/Axis: 3.61g / 19mm / 6h
    • RSC 9 (Antestia)
    • Sydenham 451
    • Crawford 238/1

    I got quite a few others for not much more than the $25 during the year - a half-decent Kaulonia stater for £31 from Roma and very nice Diocletian and Numerian antoninianii for not much more.

    Bargain hunters of the world, unite and take over :)

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  14. thejewk

    thejewk Well-Known Member

    Some cracking coins posted so far. Here are a few super budget items picked up that didn't make the top 10 list.

    Three coins in a bundle for £13.50
    Constantinus_II_Caesar_Nummus-removebg-preview.png Constantinus_VLPP1-removebg-preview.png Constantine_SIC_SFMSL-removebg-preview.png
    Four Durotriges coins for £29.20

    Durotriges coins.jpg
    A couple of Constantines for less than £10 each

    Constantine Soli Invicto.jpg Constantinus_VLPP2-removebg-preview.png
    And finally an incredibly rare damma, C 700AD, Sri Raiviha, Swat Valley, for less than £5 delivered.

    Sri Raiviha, Swat Valley, C700AD.png

    I love bargain snacks.
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  15. Sulla80

    Sulla80 Well-Known Member

    Great coins @Orielensis, and all especially nice for the price. I particularly find the Kushan tetradrachm and dirham to be amazing deals. This antoninianus for <$25 was one of my favorites bargains of the year:
    Aurelian Concordia Mediolanum.jpg
    Aurelian, AD 270-275, Antoninianus, Mediolanum (Milan) mint, 1st officina. 4th emission, late AD 272-early AD 274
    Obv: IMP AVRELIANVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust right
    Rev: IOVI CONSER, Emperor standing right, holding scepter, receiving globe from Jupiter standing left, holding scepter
    Ref: RIC V 129; CNRS 1490
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  16. Shea19

    Shea19 Well-Known Member

    Some great bargains posted so far. My best bargain of the year was this Gallienus ant. It came as part of a group lot (and was face down in the photo). I was happy to pay what I did for the other 3 coins in the lot, so I considered this one to be a free “bonus” coin. It was a very pleasant surprise when I opened the package and saw this nice portrait on an interesting ragged flan.

    Gallienus (joint reign), Antoninianus, Rome mint, 255-256 AD., RIC V 159.

    This is CNG’s photo for the group lot, the obverse of this coin isn’t even shown. The hammer price was $110. I would have paid that just for the Valerian and the Philip I, so this Gallienus was essentially a “free” bonus coin. Always nice to get a little lucky with a group lot.
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  17. seth77

    seth77 Well-Known Member

    All bellow 20EUR (25$):

    - Claudius II Gothicus VICTORIAE GOTHIC with tropaion, SPQR series of Cyzicus; some corrosion on the reverse but fully recognizable, with nice traces of the original silvering and a specific Cyzicus-style portrait, second officina clearly marked -- was 16.5EUR all included

    - Maximinus II GENIO IMPERATORIS, with interesting IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINO P F INV AVG obverse legend, good centering, full legends, great strike, patina -- was 13EUR all included

    - Valentinian II large and heavy AE2 25x24mm 6.48g from Aquileia, good centering, full legends, great strike, patina -- was 8$ all included

    - Arcadius nice and heavy AE2 24mm 6.30g from the distinct style of Nicomedia, good centering, full legends, great strike, top notch patina (some nice sand fillings) and what's more unlisted in RIC for the marks -- was 17EUR all included

    - Revolt of Poemenius mid-range maiorina for Constantius II from Trier, a Northamptonshire find -- 12GBP in a lot from the finder
    poemenius north1.jpg

    - Severus Alexander as Caesar, multiple assaria from Nicaea, unrecorded RPC and RecGen variation -- was 12$ all included

    - Isaak Komnenos of Cyprus trachy -- was 15EUR all included

    - Louis IX of France, very rare denier parisis ca. 1245/50 -- 13EUR all included

    - Guillaume II de Villehardouin, denier tournois from Glarentza in the Principality of Achaea, ca. early 1270s, top notch uncleaned -- 20EUR all included

    - Raymond Roupen as Prince of Antioch, an early RVPIIVS variation from 1216 -- 10EUR all included
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  18. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter 3rd Century Usurper

    I got this Herennia Etruscilla for $15.

    Herennia Etruscilla, (249-251 A.D.)
    Wife of Trajan Decius

    AE 28 of Viminacium, 14.2 grams

    Obverse: HER ETRVSCILLA AVG, draped bust right, in stephane

    Reverse: PMS COL VIM, female figure (Provincia Moesia) standing, facing left, between bull and lion, AN XII in exergue

    Reference: BMC 32


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  19. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE

    I posted these before, but shows types and areas of Ancient collecting prices...

    Valens, AD 364-378
    AE Reduced Follis, 17mm, 2.3g, 6h; Aquileia mint, AD 364-378.
    Obv.: DN VALEN-S PF AVG, pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right.
    Rev.: SECVRITAS-REIPVBLICAE, Victory walking left, holding wreath and palm branch. Wreath in left field // SMAQS
    Reference: RIC IX Aquileia 12b (p. 96), type xiv(b) (p. 92)

    RI Gallienus 253-268 CE Ant Abundantia

    RI Aurelian 270-275 CE AE Ant receiving Globe from Jupiter

    RI Constantius II 337-361 CE AE 2 Soldier spearing downed horseman

    RI Licinius I 308-324 CE AE3 Jupiter w Eagle
  20. Ancient Aussie

    Ancient Aussie Well-Known Member

    WOW... I wouldn't mind following you around when you buy coins, actually all of you for that matter. Congrats all great bargain buys.
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  21. Curtisimo

    Curtisimo the Great(ish)

    Great coins and bargains @Orielensis !

    I was really hoping more folks would post a budget / bracket list this year as they are some of my favorites. Still nice to see so many great budget coins posted to this thread by the group. Thanks for sharing.
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