An 1838 Reeded Edge Half Dollar

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by johnmilton, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Here is another type of the Reeded Edge, Capped Bust Half Dollar, an 1838. This type was also issued in 1839.

    The most obvious difference is the coin is valued at "HALF Dol." instead of "50 CENTS." A more subtle difference is noted for the reverse rims. The 1837 design did not provide much protection for the lettering on the reverse. In 1838, the rims were raised.

    Many type collectors don't bother with getting both of these minor types. It is included in the complete type set, however.

    1838 Half Dollar 2 O.jpg 1838 Half Dollar 2 R.jpg

    Obviously this coin is not as nice as the 1837 half dollar I posted earlier. You can play "guess the grade" if you like.
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  3. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    Still nice. Ms 62i feel a slider that got graded ms
  4. physics-fan3.14

    physics-fan3.14 You got any more of them.... prooflikes? Supporter

    You don't know John very well, but I do - he absolutely would not buy a slider that got graded MS. That's one thing he absolutely hates.

    I will agree, however, that this coin is in the 62-63 range based on the large number of whispy hairlines. I don't think it was cleaned, but it looks to have quite a few marks in the fields.
  5. Publius2

    Publius2 Well-Known Member

    I going with 61 but it might go 62. I have the same type but mine is 1839-O graded PCGS VF-35, GR-1 die marriage. In fact, I bought it from Dave Graham who authored the book on the reeded edge halves-bought that from him too. Very nice guy. He spent a good hour chatting coins with me at last year's FUN show.

    I'd give you a picture but I am totally incapable as yet of taking a decent coin photograph. Working on it.
  6. Johndoe2000$

    Johndoe2000$ Well-Known Member

  7. Johndoe2000$

    Johndoe2000$ Well-Known Member

  8. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member


    This coin is one of those sliders that found its way into an MS-62 holder.
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  9. Johndoe2000$

    Johndoe2000$ Well-Known Member

    That seems about right.

    Edit: nice coin btw.
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  10. Johndoe2000$

    Johndoe2000$ Well-Known Member

  11. Johndoe2000$

    Johndoe2000$ Well-Known Member

  12. Mainebill

    Mainebill Wild Bill

    I understand totally. I’ve often paid ms 62 money or more for a really nice 58 so I can see buying this coin as a 62 as well. The money for it is comparable for a high end 58 which this is
  13. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Coins from AU-58 to MS-64 are my wheelhouse. I rarely buy Gems unless it is 1936 to date Proof.
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  14. TheFinn

    TheFinn Well-Known Member

    The 1836-37 have the denomination as, "50 CENTS"; the 1838-39 have it as, "HALF DOL.". So they really are different types.
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