American Silver Eagles - West Point - Burnished Finish Mintages

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Asher, Jun 2, 2023.

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  4. ddddd

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    2006 was the first year of the burnished silver Eagles.
    2009 and 2010 did not have any burnished silver Eagles (no proofs in 2009 either).

    They have not had announced mintages for a while (outside of special releases like the 2021).

    Here is one source with a mintage table (through 2022):
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    Oui, Oui....:p
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    American lingo "Yes Sir Rea Bub"
  7. Jim Dale

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    Thanks for your info. I collect American Silver Eagle One Ounce Coins. Your information only list Bullion, Proof, and Uncirculated (Burnished). The Miles Standish Presents AMERICAN SILVER EAGLES, lists other types of ASE's, i.e., Reverse Proof, and others. I assume that the inventory figures for other ASE's are included into the three categories that you list.
    Anyway, thanks again for your work.
  8. green18

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  9. davdo

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    So are all the uncirculated ASEs from the West Point Mint burnished finished??
  10. ddddd

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    They have made bullion at the West Point Mint as well but those don't have a mint mark so there is no way to tell it came from there unless you have a sealed monster box that identifies that the coins came from there (or there is a year where bullion wasn't made anywhere else).
  11. davdo

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    OK, thanks. But do the Uncirculated ones from West Point (with the mint mark) always (so far) have the burnished finish?
  12. ddddd

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    If you don't count the 2013-W Enhanced Uncirculated finish Silver Eagle, then all the other uncirculated Eagles with the "W" mint mark are burnished.

    On a related note, the 2011 25th anniversary set had an uncirculated Eagle with an "S" mint mark (which I believe is the only burnished unc Eagle to not come out of West Point).
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  13. davdo

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    Thank you ddddd!
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