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    There is a proposed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Algeria that includes the intention of restricting the import of certain ancient coins into the US. The comment period closes July 15 (soon!).

    To comment, go to: And click on the "comment now" button.

    Please oppose it. I did and you can read my public comments on the site.

    Here are comments I am forwarding from the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild (My arguments opposing it are quite different from theirs.)

    July 12

    Hopefully, some of members of this group that are collectors in the US or dealers importing into the US or exporting to the US will consider commenting on a proposal for the US to impose import restrictions on coins and other artifacts on behalf of Algeria and a renewal of current restrictions. The closing date is July 15.

    To comment,

    Pull up:

    And click on the "comment now" button.

    Here are ACCG's comments:

    Please accept the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild's comments regarding the proposed MOU with Algeria and a proposed renewal of a MOU with Bulgaria.

    We oppose import restrictions on Algerian coins for the following reasons.

    First, large numbers of collectors' coins must have left Algeria over the course of France's 132 year long rule. Others must have come to France after Algerian rebels won their bitter war of Independence in 1962. These were desperate times for French "Pied Noirs." Some had hoped to continue to reside in Algeria, but a massacre of French citizens in Oran convinced virtually all remaining French to leave. None of the artifacts brought to France as keepsakes from Algeria would have a detailed provenance history required by US customs for entry into the US. It is particularly inappropriate for the US to embargo coins and other artifacts sourced from French collections given the Algeria's efforts to expel French Pied Noirs from the country.

    Second, ACCG believes that ancient coins cannot be restricted under the governing statute because even if they have some archaeological interest they lack cultural significance. (See 19 USC Section 2601). Moreover, such coins do not meet the definition for ethnological objects. (Id.)

    Third, it is difficult to link specific coin types with the present day nation state of Algeria. The vast majority of the coins that circulated there were made by the Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Empires. Such coins circulated throughout these Empires' extensive domains well beyond Algeria, which was only a peripheral territory. The same is true to a lesser extent for the coins of the Numidian and Mauritanian Kingdoms, whose territory also stretched beyond that of today's Algeria.

    ACCG also opposes the extension of the Bulgarian MOU as it relates to coins.

    Bulgaria's registration system for collectors is an abject failure because collectors are wary of identifying their collections to corrupt Bulgarian authorities. If the Trump Administration believes private property rights are important to protect, why should the US continue to support such a system which has more in common with Bulgaria's dictatorial Communist past than its supposed Democratic present?

    ACCG also continues to believe coins should not be restricted as they are not of cultural significance. In addition, the designated list granted Bulgaria for coins is far too extensive. In particular, it includes many precious metal issues that circulated well beyond the borders of modern Bulgaria as set forth in our 2011 submission which is attached. [not here]
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    Sad and ominous. I'll put some thought into wording and submit a comment tomorrow.
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