Alexandrian Tet lot – Need help with an Aurelian!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by AnYangMan, May 19, 2019.

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    This past week, one of my favourite local coin auctions was held. They often have nice lots of ancients, where at times true bargains can be had. I really wanted to inspect a lot of 21 Alexandrian tetradrachms (plus, for some reason, a random Honorius), so I truly kicked myself when I returned home from viewing and somehow forgot to take a look at this lot!


    Still, I am quite fond of these dumpy coins and Roman Egypt is certainly an area where I could use some additional hands-on experience. So I put in a bid without having seen the majority of the lot in detail, with only the sub-par image above to guide me. Miraculously, that bid held and I am now the happy owner of these tets for around 7 euros a piece. Some goodies (Pardon the less than perfect photos):



    The overall quality certainly wasn’t disappointing! As expected, a heavy focus on Diocletian, Gallienus, Probus and Claudius Gothicus. A Trajan Decius and a single Salonia were nice surprises. I managed to pretty quickly identify all 21 tets, save for one. Well, identifying the emperor, year and everything was quite easy actually. After all, it is an exceptionally clear example with AKL DOM AVPHLIANOC CEB easily readable. The reverse shows Athena seated on a throne, holding Nike with her trusty attributes. The year is also easy to read: ETOYC E, year 5. I went searching online, but could only find this reverse for Aurelian dated to regnal year 7. A quick look in Dattari revealed that it does exist (Dattari 5440), but even with this reference, I could not find a single example that has been sold (only year 7, Dattari 5441). I am heavily suspecting I am simply not looking in the right place and that this could very well be quite a common coin, but since I lack Emmett in my personal library I do not have an easy method to check that. Could someone with Emmett’s work in their possession please have a look for me, see what he says? I believe it should be 3919 or thereabout. Thanks in advance! And again, apologies for the overly grainy picture. It makes it look quite worn flat, while in reality there is still plenty of relief.

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    What a fun lot! That's how I became enamored of Roman Egyptian coins-- group lots.

    Yes, that Aurelian is Emmett 3919, year 5. The reverse is know for Aurelian's regnal year 2 (R5), 3 (R1), 4 and 5 (R2), and 7 (R5). Rarity ratings may not jibe with the market though, as you probably know.
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    Quite a score @AnYangMan ! I have yet to pick up any mixed lots of coins of Roman Egypt but I am sure it was quite fun attributing them.
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  5. AnYangMan

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    Massive thanks, @TIF! That indeed proves my suspicion. It does make you wonder what they were up to in regnal year 6, not striking this beautiful type o_O
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