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    Here is a bold Alexander the Great (336-323 BC) tetradrachm:


    24 mm. 17.13 grams.
    Head of Hercules in lion-skin headdress right
    Zeus seated left holding out eagle, dolphin down in field left, Π over dot
    AΛEΞANΔPoY down behind
    Price 133. Macdonia "Amphipolis" "320-317". Page 87 says the mint is uncertain and might really be Pella. Sear Greek II 6713 very similar style.
    Hoover 3.1 "Macedon" 991 page 372 "struck c. 316-294 BC" [Kassander]
    [$285 + $7 SOLD shipping in the US, $10 shipping abroad]
    Look at the bold head! Look at the clear head on Zeus. Nice centering. A very pleasing example of an iconic coin.

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