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  1. I want to buy an album and album pages for my coins. I keep them inside saflips and want to put them with saflips inside the album. What is the best album pages, safe from PVC and all these harmful materials that you would choose? I was also thinking of buying a handmade coin cabinet from Mr Alberto Zecchi, but I am a bit reluctant thinking that the coins will be completely exposed in the open air and they will be touching a velvet that I don't know if anyone can really tell me if it is of archival quality. Thank you all of your answers.
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  3. JP@

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  4. Ryro

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  5. Joshua Lemons

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    I've just recently begun to branch out into ancients. I showed a friend one and said have a look. They wouldn't even hold it, afraid to mess it up. I told him, it's been around 2,000 years, I think it'll be fine!
  6. whopper64

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    Dansco 7000 album with protective slip cover. Coins will be protected, yet easily viewable whenever you want.
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  7. Victor_Clark

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    You don't have to have all your coins stored the same way.

    I have a Zecchi cabinet for some


    and also have about 30 Lighthouse trays. this is my Mildenhall Hoard tray


    the rest are in albums in flips
  8. Victor_Clark

    Victor_Clark all my best friends are dead Romans Dealer

    I really like the Lighthouse trays though as they display nicely and make it easy to keep separate categories.

    This is tray 1 of Constantine I from London


    This is tray 1 of Constantine I Siscia VLPP


    my tray of ex Peter Weiss

    ex_Peter Weiss LRB's.JPG

    my slabbed Bishop Woods Hoard Coins

    Bishop's Wood.JPG

    it's all very tidy and easily accessible, plus easy to view, with room for tags and they are stackable.
  9. sand

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    I have read, that a tray, that is lined with wool felt, is bad for coins, if the coins are sitting directly on the wool felt, because wool is scratchy. Apparently, the friction between the wool felt, and the coins, can cause significant wear, on the coins.
    I don't know, if the felt in the Lighthouse trays, is good or bad. Perhaps it is not made of wool. It seems more like a synthetic material, but I don't know.
    I use Abafil cases and trays, which are lined with "real velvet", whatever that means. I put my coins, directly on the velvet. I've been using Abafil for 3 years. I haven't noticed any wear on the coins, so far. But 3 years is not very long. You can buy Abafil cases and trays, from the Italian web site, or from the following US web site, which is where I bought mine :
    Here is an interesting thread, on Forum Ancient Coins, in which the safety of coin trays is discussed.
    In the thread, one person said the following :
    "The material used in Abafil trays appears to be velvet (to the best of my knowledge made of cotton), while some other types of trays are lined with felt (most appear to be wool). Felt will damage the coins, velvet will not. My coins are stored in Abafil trays, some for nearly fourteen years, and in examining them under magnification and comparing them to the original photos, I cannot detect any damage caused by this method of storage."
    In the same thread, Andrew McCabe, a well known collector of ancient Roman Republic coins, said the following :
    "I think the distinction to watch for is that sliding trays (drawers in a coin cabinet) will move the coins on their felt every single time the tray is pulled out, whereas lifted out trays in a box won't, unless the box itself is shook about. I've seen photos of coin surfaces being destroyed by wool felt, really bad damage, so its worth being aware of. However whatever is in abafil tray felt seems to do my coins no harm at all. And I doubt it would be possible to ever damage a worn bronze. FDC silver might be another matter. So, some caution needed but the nature of the trays felt and coins is important."
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  10. octavius

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    I have used Abafil cases for many years. After about 25 years , I've noticed some of my silver coins have developed a beautiful toning - some a rainbow pattern. In every case, I think they look much better. I have not seen any scratches or damage at all. The trays are Italian velvet and not felt. Ed Waddell sells a wide variety of Abafil products. There are other equally good Italian crafted products on E-bay (coins &More).
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  11. Scipio

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    Wooden trays are the place in which the oldest collections rested for centuries, allowing the coins to develop the old cabinet tone, so no doubt for me. I keep my collection (silver and bronze) in Zecchi velvet trays and the spare silver coins in Coins&More wood cases. C&M trays aren’t made of velvet anyways.
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  12. ancient coin hunter

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    I keep all my coins in envelopes or the flips provided by the dealer. A cabinet sure is attractive and similar to the cabinets of ancient coins owned by Gentlemen in the 18th century.
  13. johnmilton

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    I like the coin tray idea. The trouble for me would be storage space. They take up a lot of room. I have my ancient collection in safety flips in a plastic box. I keep them in chronological order.

    I store my 19th century presidential campaign token and medalets in Eagle Albums. The pieces that fit go in Eagle holders. The pieces that can’t go in the holders, but still fit in a 2X2 space go into flips which fit in the Eagle Album spaces. I have “to punt” on the larger pieces.
  14. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I would go albums/ my leatherette albums hold 200 @

    So my 700+ unslabbed examples are housed in SAFLIPS
    The other 270 are in NGC/ PGGS/ ANACS slabs/ 20 to a custom box IMG_1150.JPG IMG_1151.JPG IMG_1152.JPG IMG_1153.JPG IMG_0635.JPG IMG_0634.JPG
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