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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by kolyan760, Dec 4, 2020.

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    Thank you @Herodotus. Here is the link to another thread relating to countermarked Claudian coins that I initiated a little earlier than the one you cite - I was absent from Coin Talk during that period:

    Claudius countermarked coinage (updated)
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    So I see it is an eBay sale coin based on the posts of @Herodotus. I am still bothered about the wide flan thickness depicted in one of the photos you posted and the quoted weight. If I were contemplating purchasing this coin (which I am not) I would insist on a guarantee of that weight (which is in the range listed in BMCRE, volume I, Rome, Claudius, No. 222) and ask for more information relating to the flan thickness.
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    there is lots of things i dont like about this coin , many would not agree ..
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    this is mine example without C/M IMG-3110.jpg IMG-3111.jpg
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