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    Agrippine+Nero.jpg Mother of Nero who after unsuccessfully trying to drawn her had her executed by one of his guards !
    AGRIPPINA & NERO., ", Nero head r., wearing oak wreath. "NEPΩΝOΣ KΛAYΔIOY [ΘEOY YI AR. KAIΣAP]OΣΣEB" Rev: draped bust of Agrippina II r. "AΓPIΠ[ΠEINHΣ] ΣEBAΣTHΣ"; "Γ" above "EP" Mint: Antioch, Seleucis and Pieria. Tetradrachm dated "RY 3" and year 105 of the Caesarian Era = AD 56-57 th (dates) before.Ref.: McAlee 253; Prieur 74; RPC I 4175. (14.49gr./ 25mm/ 12h). n. Very Fine,

    ROMA Numismatics, London,Auction 1, lot. 392, July 2018, £.140.-

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    A very nice find, a type I would like to have. Congrats.
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    Thats cool
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    Very old coin
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    Claudius and Agrippina II.jpg
    Claudius and Agrippina II.
    Roman provincial Æ 12 Nummia, 9.30 gm; 25.0 mm.
    Bosporos, under King Kotys I, AD 50-54.
    Obv: ΤΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙΟΥ ΚΑΙCΑΡΟC, laureate head of Claudius, right.
    Rev: ΙΟΥΛΙΑΝ ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ CΕΒΑCΤΗΝ, head of Agrippina II, left, in loop ponytail; BAK before.
    Refs: SGI 5438; RPC 1925; BMC 13.52,7; Anokhin Bosporus 348; SNG Copenhagen 31.
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    I am reading a biography of her right now. Granddaughter of an emperor (Augustus), sister of an emperor (Caligula), wife to an emperor (Claudius), mother of an emperor (Nero). What an "interesting" life.
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