Adventures in low grade ancients, episode 2

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ambr0zie, May 14, 2021.

  1. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Inspired by our colleague @Marsyas Mike

    I have started my own adventure.
    Bought a lot of 12 coins in an auction, some of them completely lost causes (I expected) but I am trying to attribute the ones that can be attributed.
    The best one is this (not as rugged and shiny as in my pics - I need to find a way to take photos of my coins ..... but that is a different episode)


    The coin is denarius sized but as seen, bronze.
    Is this a limes denarius similar to "original" ?
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  3. Ryro

    Ryro They call me the 13th Caesar Supporter

    I can read antoninus Aug (that could several guys, but note how young he is:bookworm:) on the front and see a seated Libertas on the reverse and its bronze, but doesn't appear to be limes... to me.
  4. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    My pics are horrible. The legends are fully visible in hand,

    Edit - just noticed your last part of the post, @Ryro - if not limes, what could it be?
    Couldn't find this legend on other denominations and the coin is denarius sized. Cannot be an official denarius though..
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  5. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    I guess I'd lean towards a limes, but it could be the exposed core of a fourree, possibly?

    From the PM photo of the lot I got to see (a preview!) there is one definite fourree and one possible. Could these be from the same hoard?

    Sometimes it is hard to tell with these uncleaned denarii. Here is an Elagabalus denarius that I got in a recent lot - I finally determined it was silver after some partial, inexpert cleaning - it was a uniform dark gray when I got it. Note it is holed and plugged four (!) times:

    Elagabalus - Sol den. lot Apr 2021 (0).jpg
    Elagabalus Denarius
    (218-222 A.D.)
    Rome Mint

    IMP A[NT]ONINVS PVS AV[G], laureate draped bust right / CONS[E]RVATOR AVG, Sol standing left, holding right hand high up in salute and whip, star in left field.
    RIC 63; RSC 19; BM 199; C 19.
    (2.71 grams / 18 mm)

    From the same lot, this green monster is probably a limes - all base metal, all the way through. The portrait is crude, but Annona looks pretty good:

    Severus Alexander - den. Annona lot Apr 2021 (0).jpg
    Severus Alexander Denarius
    (222-228 A.D.)
    Rome Mint

    I[M]P C M A[V]R SEV [A]LEXAND [A]VG, laureate, draped bust right / [A]NNON[A]
    AV[G], Annona standing left with corn-ears and cornucopiae, modius at foot.
    RIC 133
    (2.79 grams / 18 mm)
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  6. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Thanks @Marsyas Mike. Studying these low grades is quite fun!
    I can show the photo to all the audience :)

    This was the only pic.
    From what I managed to attribute in a quick look after a long day's work (simply not in the mood)

    The serrate RR denarius (@Ryro , we talked about it) is a L. Procilius.
    Crawford 379

    A Gordianus antoninianus - IOVI STATORI
    Valerian - Virtvs AVGG
    Domna coin - suspect another limes, it matches RIC IV Caracalla 388C but not silver

    The Trajan Denarius would have been a smashing coin, it is a FORTRED coin but somebody was hungry and ate a chunk of it.

    A Septimius Severus fourree and a Caracalla fourree where the reverse is completely gone.
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  7. Ryro

    Ryro They call me the 13th Caesar Supporter

    Nice!!! Very jelly. A type I've been looking for. I thought I recognized that violin case and bow Athena is holding/ spear and shield. Is it Juno wearing the goatskin obverse, like this obverse??
  8. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    @Ryro - this is the coin. Yep, the violin case I was able to spot made me raise an eyebrow, because there was another one in the same auction - different quality, of course

    The "violin case" and the biga made the coin easily identified:


    This one was quite hard to spot as the "peeling" made it hard for me to read the leggends, finally I managed to spot (in hand) PHILIPPVS ... not too much Antoniniani with somebody seated and starting with rev legend PM for Philip. And curule chair.
    Only found this


    I am still struggling with this one.


    This one's interesting - a Fourree of Septimius Severus or Caracalla with Provid AVGG reverse?
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  9. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

    I think we can figure this out! I have faith! Can you make out the letters? The pointy nose makes me think Trebonianus Gallus.

    The reverse figure is leaning an elbow on a lyre(?) holding out a branch? That could be Apollo. There is a FORVM article on "leaning on stuff" -

    Gordian III has a couple of that type, but yours does not look like Gordian. What if it is this one? :woot:

    Herennius Etruscus, AR Antoninianus, 250-251, Rome
    Q HER ETR MES DECIVS NOB C Radiate, draped bust right, seen from behind
    PRI_NCIPI IVVENTVTIS Apollo seated left, branch in right hand, leaning on lyre with left arm
    22mm x 24mm, 3.48g
    RIC IV, Part III, 146 (R)

    A bit clearer photo would help... :):snaphappy:
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  10. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Clear photos + me =/= love :) but I will keep trying the best I can.
    Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.
    Found other interesting coins in the lot, will post later.
    Now the problematic coin - I am struggling to read the obverse legend letters and I am sure I will.


    I think the obverse legend ends in [...]VS PIVS FEL AVG. Checking more.

    .. and it will be this or something very similar.
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  11. Marsyas Mike

    Marsyas Mike Well-Known Member

  12. ambr0zie

    ambr0zie Dacian Taraboste

    Haha, I corrected my attribution in my personal catalogue 30 seconds ago.
    Yep, V is visible, so it's either V or VI, but I think the legend has COS after V so 89.

    Not my favourite coin, but it has its rightful place in my album.

    Other interesting stuff from the 30 EUR lot:

    This would have been quite a denarius, had it been full.
    Now it's a boomerang of ancient provenance.


    This one was extremely difficult to photo because my phone refused to focus on it. The color is dark, dull gray, like a zinc coin from WW2.
    The hairstyle made me think at Julia Domna instantly. The obverse legend has [...] PIA FELIX discernible (somehow) and after checking the reverse, I think the coin was supposed to be
    Except this is not silver.
    Core of a fourree? Limes Denarius?


    Struggled with this one because of the small flan, the reverse is clearly VIRTVS AVGG, two characters and a Victory. Obverse legend ends in [...]IANVS PF AVG
    - RIC V Valerian 293. Not bad as this emperor was missing from my album.

    ... and a decent Gordian antoninianus.

    RIC IV Gordian III 84

    Check the nose of Jupiter, impressive.

    And a Caracalla (I think) fourree, but the reverse, well....
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