WTS: Accented Hair Kennedy Proofs

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    Up for sale are two 1964 accented hair Kennedy proofs, one of them cameo. Will listen to reasonable offers. PM me though CoinTalk. Personal check or money order. Must clear before mailing.

    1. NGC PF66 cameo— $220 or best offer. Add $3.50 for shipping and tracking.
    87CBAB74-F528-4C68-8783-641F8DA3AEAA.jpeg F6E40AFC-10C6-4C8B-9BA9-7484B09BFCD1.jpeg

    2. PCGS — PR70. $150 or best offer. Add $3.50 for shipping and tracking.

    3376BE55-02BD-4058-A868-6EA4853A0A80.jpeg 1F381AB2-C343-40DE-80F5-A5D1BBCFA269.jpeg A51C2E8D-B721-4119-8B26-9D1E9FB0576C.jpeg
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