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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by sakata, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate

    Threads where people post images of their coins seem to be popular. Some go by date, some by country, others by theme, etc. Along the way I see occasional comments about not being aware of a country until a coin is posted. This got me thinking of the concept of a world tour, where we travel around the globe posting coins along the way. You never know, you may find out more about world geography!

    If this seems interesting you then please play along. There are only three rules:

    1. Your post must be a coin from a country which shares a border with the previously posted country. Date is not important.
    2. If a country is on the ocean then any country across the ocean is acceptable as long as there is a direct, straight line between them with no intervening countries.
    3. You cannot return to the previous country. That is, if the previous two countries are France and Spain you cannot return directly to France. This rules needs an exception only in the case of countries such as Lesotho, which is completely surrounded by South Africa.

    I will start it off with a coin from Germany, which allows plenty of options for a follow up.


    Germany, 2002, 10 Euros
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  3. Muzyck

    Muzyck Gone

    Poland. My father's parents and my maternal grandmother immigrated from Poland to the United States prior to WWI. I visited the country in 1976 and this is one of the many coins that I brought back home.

    Poland 200 Zloty 1974 Obverse.JPG
    Poland 200 Zloty 1974 Reverse.JPG
  4. alurid

    alurid Well-Known Member

  5. furryfrog02

    furryfrog02 Well-Known Member

    I want to play but need to wait a bit :)
  6. Parthicus

    Parthicus Well-Known Member

    Lithuania, 1936, 1 centas.
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  7. dirty_brian

    dirty_brian Well-Known Member

  8. Muzyck

    Muzyck Gone

  9. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate

    Glad to see we started moving east. I was afraid we would get stuck in Europe.
    Russia should open it up to several options.
    GHRUS001#1.jpg GHRUS001#2.jpg
  10. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES!

  11. willieboyd2

    willieboyd2 First Class Poster

    Tibet 5 Shokang 1947-1949

  12. Muzyck

    Muzyck Gone

    Bhutan - Brass, "Sa".

    Bhutan brass Sa A.jpg
    Bhutan brass Sa B.jpg
  13. Theodosius

    Theodosius Fine Style Seeker

    This is a fun idea for a thread. Does rule 3 mean we can never repeat a country, or just not directly after leaving the country? Seems like we could get boxed in if we can't go back to a country ever again.

    I really need to photograph my world coins. :-(

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  14. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate

    Sure we can repeat, just not immediately. We should probably try to avoid three-country cycles, although that is permitted. It would be nice to get to all countries in the world with as few repetitions as possible, but that is not part of the rules.
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  15. Parthicus

    Parthicus Well-Known Member

    India, 2015, 10 rupees. Circulating commemorative for the International Day of Yoga.
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  16. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate

    Is there a choice here? Am I right in saying Bhutan only borders China and India? So India it must be.

    SHIND003#1.JPG SHIND003#2.JPG
  17. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    AV Mohar VS1983= 1926AD MS-66
    King Tribhuvana Vira Vikrama 1926-50
    Nepal f11c2e2d5642028b7ceefa86103a7531.jpg
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  18. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    India/ Sultanate of Dehli
    AV Square Tanka AH 718= 1318AD Hadrat Dehli Mint
    Sultan Mubarakshah 1316-20 a011925fbbc15aaf21be9c9a437dcc8e (1).jpg
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  19. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate

    Oops! Nice coin, but it violates rule three. So we are still at Nepal.
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  20. Stork

    Stork I deliver Supporter

    Cool idea...now we need to learn Geography too! I don't have anything handy to play this one, but will keep watching!
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  21. chrsmat71

    chrsmat71 I LIKE TURTLES!

    Yeah, I didn't know Bhutan was a country. :bag:

    Looks like we need to go back to China.

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