A Wang Mang Mystery?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by posnerfan_48, Apr 7, 2020.

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    We all cope with the self-isolation in different ways, mine has been obsessing over cast coins again. I've been filling out my collection, trying to cover the dynasties instead of specializing in particular dynasties (other than the Qing, which I intend to have an emperor of each). I recently ordered and received this Wang Mang, but it looks different. On the left character there appears to be some kind of error, the top of the head and horizontal line appears doubled up. Now, these coins are cast, so this can't be a double strike. Does anyone have theories? Did I get lucky or unlucky?

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    This is a fairly common error for these Huo Quans. I am not entirely sure how it happened, but it almost certainly occurred during the mould-making process. If so, then this is analogous to a “doubled die.” There is generally little premium assigned to such coins, but yours is fairly significant. It might go for a couple dollars more than a normal piece.

    These were made in massive, massive quantities to replace the void caused by making Wu Zhus illegal. As a result, to meet demand, quality sometimes suffered.
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    This is a perfect answer! Thanks so much for your knowledge, I feel relieved, and it's knowledge like this that made me join here!
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    Apparently another theory I've been recently informed of, is that these were less mistakes, and more on purpose as a sort of pseudo-mintmark. Now I really don't have the expertise to comment on this, but I thought I'd bring it into the conversation.
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