A rare follis from the joint reign of Justinian I and Justin I, Antioch

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    I am slowly getting around to photographing more coins, and today I finished taking images of my follis from the brief period of joint rule by Justinian I and Justin I.

    This coin was struck in Antioch, from April through August, 527 AD. Both emperors co-ruled during this five-month period, ending with Justin I's death in August at the age of 77.

    Very few of these coins are known, of course there's always the chance that more will show up as coin hoards are discovered. According to Hahn, three specimens have been recorded, although that number is always subject to revision.

    Still, this is a decent example, with much of the obverse legend visible. The surfaces are pretty rough, but I've seen worse.

    Byzantine Empire, April-August 527 AD
    AE follis, 32 mm
    Antioch mint
    Justinian I and Justin I (co-emperors)
    Obverse: Crowned, draped, and cuirassed facing busts of Justin I and Justinian I; cross above
    Reverse: Large M; cross above, stars flanking; Г//ANTIX
    Crude near VF, with a nice green and brown patina and much of the legend visible.
    Very rare; Justinian I and Justin I co-ruled for five months, ending with Justin I’s death.
    DOC 14 var. (officina); SB 129; MIB 10

    13.4 grams

    D-Camera Justin I, Justinian I follis Antioch Apr-Aug 527 AD Very Rare Abt VF 17.4 g  5-4-21.jpg

    Please feel free to post your coins of Justin I and Justinian I, or anything else you wish.

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    A different variety of the joint coinage of Justin and Justinian:
    Justin I & Justinian I. 527 AD. Æ Follis (31mm, 17.90 g, 6h). Constantinople mint, 2nd officina. Struck 4 April-1 August 527 AD. Obv: D N IVSTIN (Є) IVSTINIAN P (P AV), diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust of Justin right. Rev: Large M; star to left, cross above and to right, B below; CON in exergue. DOC 10a; MIBE 4; SB 125. Scarce.
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