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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by edteach, Dec 6, 2023.

  1. edteach

    edteach Well-Known Member

    I received an email from one of the coins I bought. Its not London Coins, this is a different vendor, but I have never received an email like this before. Could be legit but I am doing my due diligence.

    "Thank you for your order!

    Currently we are waiting for the export licenses of the Federal Monuments Office. As soon as we receive the licenses your purchased coins will be shipped immediately. This usually takes two to three weeks depending on how fast the federal monuments office is.

    You will receive an automated mail with your tracking number."
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  3. Curtis

    Curtis Well-Known Member

    What country is this from? It sounds like how they do it in Spain now, which had always worked out fine for me. (Though I've never heard that particular phrase!)

    If it's Italy, on the other hand....
  4. edteach

    edteach Well-Known Member

    Austria. Its a company called Numismatik-Naumann. I have no reason to think its not legit but I always check out what I don't know about. That said issues can come from anywhere. I try to keep up and learn what I am not familiar with. This just sounded funny as I have never heard of this kind of license before. Most places just ship and call it antiques.
  5. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    I don't see any reason to be concerned. I purchase from multiple dealers in Europe. It sounds like they are just trying to keep you informed of the process. The strange phrase could be a translation thing as well.
  6. Valentinian

    Valentinian Well-Known Member

    This is what Naumann has to do because they sell from Austria. In a rational world all the coins would be cleared in advance and any sensitive ("cultural heritage") coins so noted, but no (after all, it is Austria where the bureaucracy is like that), they make you do unnecessary inspections after the sale. I'm sure Naumann hates it, too.
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  7. -monolith-

    -monolith- Supporter! Supporter

    I've purchased from NN thru biddr.com and haven't had any issues or additional requirements for shipping (export). However they may have taken care of these issues before the posted auctions. It may be different for "instore" items listed on vCoins however. They only countries I've had issues with are Italy and Spain so I typically avoid those auctions.
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