A question about circulation of "Marcian-Constantinople"-coins

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    I asked a similar question for some time ago, and the answer was that the largest group of coins that circulated in Levant in 500s were actually Constantinople-minted, and not local minted: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/byzantine-how-was-the-distribution-of-coins-in-each-area.401806/

    Now I'm wondering about one similiar thing.

    Look here (not my coin):


    The auctions regularly sell such small coins of Marcian (450-457). In 98% of cases, if the coin is readable, they are minted in Constantinople (“CON”). It is almost always "CON".

    So, I’m wondering: Were such Marcian-Constantinople coins also common amongst the people in Levant or Egypt as it was in Constantinople? Is it normal to find hoards of Marcian-Constantinople coins in Levant and Egypt?

    In case you know the answer, I would be thrilled to hear it! - I really want to know wheter Egyptians and Syrians knew such coins or not in 400s.
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